February 3, 2023

Young Dolph’s 37th birthday was commemorated with an unveiling of the late rapper’s posthumous single “Hall of Fame” on Wednesday (July 27). Produced by Bandplay, the track is classic Dolph as he reflects on his upbringing – chronicling his becoming while flexing naming his wins and hard-earned riches.

He raps, “I remember back when I ain’t have nothing, so, yeah, I’ma ball ’til the end/ I remember I stacked my first hundred bands, I said I’m finna do this again/ I see you niggas goin’ broke tryna keep up with me/ Bad boy spendin’ millions out here like I’m signed to Diddy.”

The late artist goes on to talk about his family, his grind, and the sacrifices he made. He even drops a verse claiming to have tried to get a $2,000,000 verse from Jay-Z (although it isn’t clear if that’s true or just lyrics).

“Showed up plain jane Rolex, had a meeting with Roc Nation/ But they got ’bout four, five, six rap ni**as over there that be hatin’ (On God)/ But I still f**k with Jigga, tell him I got two million for him (For what?)/ To do a verse, and if he don’t, I still got love for him,” Dolph raps.

Dolph’s fiancée, Mia Jaye, shared a heartfelt letter and video tribute in celebration of the late artist. “It is truly the essence of all the love you want to give but can’t,” she wrote. “But I choose to express every ounce of my love for those whom I love because it can’t stay bottled up inside.”

Hear Dolph’s posthumous single, “Hall Of Fame,” above.

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