December 7, 2022

Similar to his predecessors, Usher’s visual discography is just as layered and expansive as his musical one. To celebrate his legacy, VIBE combed through all 41 of his music videos (excluding ones where he’s a featured guest) and chose his best 10. 

We know how much of an uproar lists can be, so we’re prefacing this with a few honorable mentions. His three-video trifecta—”Think Of You,” “Call Me A Mack,” and “Can U Get Wit It”—from his self-titled debut were classic tropes from that era. But to see the stark differences between these videos and the ones from his My Way era (which, spoiler alert, all made our top 10), it’s clear why his sophomore album was pegged as his true debut. 

Then there’s the downright eroticism that permeated through “Trading Places” and the visual declaration of love in “There Goes My Baby.” Usher trying to make his own dance challenge with “U-Turn” was unexpected but fitting as a successor of Bobby Brown and Michael Jackson. A few forgotten videos like 2001’s “Pop Ya Collar” were also considered (fun fact: he told VIBE that the song is an overseas hit). 

And though certain songs like ”Throwback,” “Lovers & Friends,” “Slow Jam,” and “Bad Girl” never got the visual treatment they deserved, the records that did make the cut deserve their flowers for their cinematic beauty and iconic stamp in Usher’s discography.

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