November 29, 2023

Tory Lanez has provided a new official message from prison to his followers. On Monday (Sept. 25), the Toronto artist posted a clip to his Instagram of a phone with a record player in the background. After the voicemail sound effect prompted him to say a few words, he delivered a direct update about his whereabouts, mental state, and even announced some new music is coming soon.

“Ayo Umbrellas, what’s good? I’m talking to you from prison,” the “Say It” singer began. “Man, I’m just happy to get out that bulls**t county jail. They was hating on a young fly n**ga, you heard? Had me in 24-hour lockdown, half-sized cell by myself, no windows, no mirrors. N**ga ain’t even seen himself in a whole year yo.”

He then assured his followers that he is still in good spirits despite the troubling circumstances. “But with all them disadvantages against me, my head has always been held high, man. I want y’all to know I’m in great spirits. My drive and my ambition is growing stronger and stronger every day. I’m so proud of how y’all been moving in my support, man. I know this feels like a scary time, but don’t be afraid, man. This s**t don’t spark no fear in my heart at all.”

Lanez, né Daystar Peterson, concluded by confirming he’ll be releasing a project soon and shared the LP’s name before the recording cut him off. “In fact, I’m more prepared than ever. The music, the videos, and all the projects you wanted, they all ready to drop. So let’s just start with the one that we wanted the most, the Alone At Prom Deluxe,” he stated.

The 31-year-old artist is currently serving his 10-year sentence after being convicted of shooting Megan Thee Stallion at a party in July 2020. Since the event occurred, the former maintained his innocence. After a two-week trial, he was ultimately found guilty on all counts in December 2022.

In additional news, Peterson was sent to North Kern State Prison, which has reportedly raised safety concerns due to the institution’s ongoing violent history.

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