October 3, 2023

The Game continues to engage audiences with its second season on Paramount+, with its upcoming episode highlighting the musical talents of the cast. 

Following in the footsteps of several shows, fans can look forward to an episode filled with original tunes from the cast, as Jamison takes a pill that causes him to see the world as an actual musical, complete with full dance numbers to enthrall viewers.

L-R: Adriyan Rae as Brittany Pitts, Hosea Chanchez as Malik Wright, Wendy Raquel Robinson as Tasha Mack, Analisa Velez as Raquel Navarro, Vaughn Hebron as Jamison Field, and Toby Sanderman as Garrett Odongo in THE GAME season 2 streaming on Paramount+.

In an exclusive clip, Theresa Mack, played by Wendy Raquel Robinson, is seen busting out in song and dance to her song, “Mama Knows Best,” fitting for the NFL mom. Check out the snippet above.

The former CW sitcom turned BET drama was rebooted by Paramount+ in May 2021 and was renewed for its second season in 2022. Check out The Game’s musical episode on Thursday, Jan. 25, streaming on Paramount+.

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