March 27, 2023

Businesses around the Mohawk Valley are finding the need for new technologies in the workplace. Some of those technologies are happening in the virtual world. You can now use virtual technologies to learn on the job training for a variety of industries. Jonathan Pirro, the North East Regional Government Relations Manager for Transfr explains.

“Our goal at this event is to present the technology in a way where people can understand it, and begin to get the word out about how virtual reality can be a tool to immerse future professionals in these jobs.”

Jonathon displayed a virtual reality machine that allows the user to experience what it’s like in a work environment without the limitations of real world hazards, but it’s not meant to replace real employees.

“It’s a workforce development tool. It’s not meant to replace reality, it’s meant to show people who wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to see what it’s like to do these jobs. Manufacturing jobs, high skilled jobs, high tech jobs.”

Elizabeth Lusskin, the Executive Vice President of Small Business & Technology Development for the New York State Development Corporation believes Technology is where the future of New York is headed.

“It’s very important that companies learn about the different kind of resources and ways that they can incorporate technology into their business, or improve technology to enhance their business.”

Brian Moll of Neff Automation thinks his company has the answer to the workforce shortages happening across the nation.

“We’re all here to be profitable and be successful, and automation is the key. Without the people you need automation.”

There’s a demand for products in the agricultural industry that’s driving the need for automation at local company the Fountainhead Group. John Lorence is the Vice President of Manufacturing & Engineering.

“We have a demand for automation and fabrication of automated equipment, so that’s our big push right now.”

You can expect to see many of the technologies featured at the FuzeHub technology conference incorporated into the manufacturing and agricultural businesses throughout the Mohawk Valley.

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