May 29, 2024

“TAGR’s Mobile Self-Checkout has improved our in-store experience while allowing staff to focus more on customer needs. Customers curiosity has also helped engagement and ultimately conversions. This is truly the future of retail,” says George Kouzoukas at Sabo Skirt.

Co-founder Timothy James says there have been challenges around disrupting the state of retail given so much legacy technology is present. However Covid-19 presented opportunities for the technology that would have otherwise taken years to change.

“There has been plenty of innovation in the payments and e-commerce space over the last few years, but little around physical retail, which we know is still king. The retailers themselves haven’t really evolved to meet the needs of the modern consumer. There has been an opportunity to take the reins here,” he comments.”

He argues that the physical retail/shopping space is akin to what it was 20 years ago. Not a whole lot has changed since the introduction of self-service checkout machines in the late 90’s.

Given the impact of the pandemic, the industry is ripe for disruption, James believes.

The current industry challenges that exist are: Increased demand and expectations of great customer experiences; Implementation of safe hygienic practices; Queuing and capacity challenges; Staff shortages and rising wage costs.

The introduction of mobile checkout is solving a number of these challenges for retailers by dispersing the checkout throughout the store; removing queues, reducing contact and servicing more customers concurrently with a new experience.

As of June, shoppers can use TAGR in about a dozen stores across Queensland and New South Wales, with roll-outs throughout Australia happening on a weekly basis.

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