February 22, 2024

Rapper Styles P has garnered praise after putting his own freedom (and life) on the line while stepping in to assist a woman who had been detained by police. The incident—which apparently occurred in The LOX member’s hometown of Yonkers, New York—was captured in a clip that has gone viral. It begins with footage of a woman, who is believed to be a deliverer for Uber Eats, being taken to the ground in an aggressive manner and handcuffed by a pair of officers. The woman can be heard repeatedly yelling that she’s not resisting arrest, and Styles P approaches the officers and begins denigrating them, referring to one of them as a “bi**h” and a “h*e” while attempting to console the woman and deescalate the situation.

As one of the officers is seen standing up and approaching Styles, the rapper raises his arms, with his hands visible and tells the officer “I’ma back up. Don’t touch me.” From there, the rapper can be heard directing the other woman filming the encounter, telling her to keep recording, as he continues to verbally lash out at the officer for his conduct. “You slammed a girl! For no reason!” Styles yells at the officer. The video continues as Styles remains on the scene until the clip abruptly ends.

In light of his selfless actions, Styles P has received an overwhelming amount of kudos from his local community, as well as those online, with many hailing him as a hero and a true protector of Black women.

Watch the incident unfold below.

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