April 15, 2024

Hello folks, this is a follow up to my guide on the most proficient method to offer your music on iTunes and Amazon MP3. In that guide I took a gander at the procedure of carefully conveying your music on the web, and direction at what you have to do once your music is on there. This second point I don’t cover much so we will dive into that today.

While getting your melodies and collections to these enormous online stores is a positive sentiment in itself, in the event that you need to really make offers of your music, getting your music on iTunes is just a little piece of what you have to do. Give me a chance to clarify.


What iTunes & many Different Music Stores Don’t Do


While getting your music on one of the world’s greatest online music stores is certainly something you will need to do, there is something numerous artists neglect to figure it out:

iTunes is a stage to offer your music, NOT a showcasing instrument.

What I mean by this, is it fills one need: Provide a path for individuals to purchase your music.

While they do have their own outlines and the odd advancement that can help give craftsmen presentation, they don’t do anything for the normal individual who offers their music on this stage. Sadly, in case you’re simply beginning and aren’t drowning in new music as of now, you will fall into this classification.

Similarly as with offering on some other stage, on the off chance that you truly need to make deals, you first need to get individuals mindful and keen on your music. In the event that you don’t do this, it won’t make any difference where you’re offering your computerized downloads. It could be on iTunes, your very own site, or some other corner of the web; YOU WON’T MAKE SALES!

Except if you’re willing to advance your music and deals page to individuals, there’s no point putting your music up to offer in any case. In view of that, we should take a gander at how to get more presentation on iTunes.


Step By Step Instructions to Get More Exposure on iTunes


Extraordinary compared to other approaches to get more focused on individuals visiting and inspired by your iTunes deals page, is to connection to it from your very own site. This can either be inside your shop page, or a connection in your sidebar. In the event that you haven’t just got a site, you can look at our well-ordered manual for building a site here.


You should clarify that it’s a connection to your iTunes or shop page, so individuals that proceed to navigate know precisely what’s in store. While you could trap individuals and simply say ‘click here’, many individuals that do click won’t be keen on purchasing from you. They may even get baffled with your misty route and leave your site.


Once your connection is on your site, the subsequent stage is to advance your music and yourself as a brand. This will be as gigs, YouTube recordings, and some other strategies you can consider or that are as of now working for you.


Whenever you can, coordinate these individuals that find out about you to your site. You can do this at gigs by saying an unconditional present individuals can get by visiting your site (Mention this two or three times amid the gig and furthermore toward the end so every one of the subtle elements remains in their heads). You can likewise do this through your YouTube recordings by including an interactive connection inside the video, and furthermore inside the video’s depiction.


You will get individuals returning to your site, and finding out about you as a craftsman. A few people will proceed to tap on your iTunes and shop page, others won’t. Those that do however, will frequently probably purchase than if you somehow happened to send them specifically to iTunes toward the start. This is on the grounds that they haven’t been sent cool to your business page, and this time they’ve been adapting more about you.


They may have caught wind of you at a gig, went on your site and preferred what they’ve seen, at that point deliberately went on your iTunes page knowing there will be something there to purchase. By this point, you know they are occupied with what you offer, and will probably purchase a melody if what they see on your iTunes page is important to them.


Those that don’t click over to your iTunes page nonetheless, may in any case accomplish something different that will profit you. They may join to your mailing list which will enable you to stay in touch and proceed to ‘pitch’ the possibility of yourself to them, or they may take a gander at enough of your pages to increase some enthusiasm for you. This could prompt recurrent visits to your site, and the chance to offer them tunes or stock later on.


In the event that anyway they went straight to your iTunes page and they would not like to get, you wouldn’t have the chance to get them on your rundown or to get them more proficient about you as a craftsman. This will mean you hold less of your potential fans over the long haul.


While you may get less individuals arriving on your iTunes page in any case, those that do will be of a substantially higher quality and significantly closer to the purchasing stage. Along these lines, you will in all likelihood make more deals rather than individuals arriving on it and skipping straight off once more. This is in a perfect world what you need.



Getting your music on iTunes is anything but an enchantment recipe that will enable you to offer more tunes. It’s a stage to offer your music on like some other, albeit in fact one that individuals trust and frequently use with their ‘I’ related gadgets.


It’s essential to get your music on iTunes, yet on the off chance that you need to offer those tunes, you have to take control yourself. For those that are seeking a professional music marketing company to promote their music I would recommend iTunes Exposure. With iTunes Exposure you can promote your album, single, or EP. They offer a robust marketing campaign designed to gain you more fans, more sales, and more exposure worldwide. They have been around since 2007 and have marketed artist in every genre. Take time to visit https://www.itunesexposure.com and see what they can do for you.

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