September 28, 2023

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — When shopping this holiday season, you might want to consider where your dollars go.

Sure, you can snag some great deals at the big-box stores, but Small Business Saturday is all about getting great deals and supporting your neighbors.

WREG spoke with one Memphis boutique about how days like Small Business Saturday help drive business.

If you’re looking to dazzle your loved ones this holiday season, look no further. For Amy Egerman, Dazzle is her passion and her clientele is her holiday cheer.

“We have accessories and jewelry and handbags and special occasion, Amy said. “It’s hard to be in it if you’re not in it for the big picture- which is not about coming and sales and leaving.

This is why, this Small Business Saturday, Dazzle aims to get people in the door with great deals and keep them in the door with its welcoming environment.

Because of the success of the store, it has had a domino effect throughout the community. Margo Franklin is the founder of Margo Rebecca Designs.

“Dazzle is what kind of got me going with my jewelry,” Margo said. “I started by just making necklaces for fun, and Dazzle just picked me up and helped me expand.”

Margo Franklin has sold her jewelry, acrylics, and other artwork here for the last eight years. She says if it weren’t for the support of a local shop, she would never be where she is today.

“I’ve had certain people that have been Dazzle customers forever that have gotten to know me and my jewelry and different business ventures, and it’s been fun,” Margo said.

It’s that kind of personal relationship, Amy says, that is rare and can’t be found at your typical big box store.

“They can’t get the feel for what they get here, they can’t get the customer service they get here, they can’t get someone who is combed through the stuff they’re not interested in and narrowed it down for them,” Amy said.

According to American Express, about 68 cents for every dollar spent locally stays in the community. At Dazzle, it goes beyond just dollars and cents. For them, it’s about the family they’ve built within the community.

“If it wasn’t for Dazzle, we probably wouldn’t have nearly the friends we have because of the store being here 15 years and the community supporting us,” Margo said.

Amy has built her life here, bought a house here, and raised her kids here. Most of everything she has is circulated back into the community.

“When the community embraces local stores, the stores can then embrace the community also,” Amy said.

During this year’s season of giving, consider also giving back to your neighbors, by supporting their local businesses.

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