February 24, 2024

INDIANAPOLIS — A pair of sisters who also own small businesses are planning to drop off nearly 2,000 daisies to the state capitol to raise awareness for child gun violence victims and to ask for change. 

At around 11 a.m., Andrea Fjelde and her sister Amy Boggess are planning to bring the flowers to the statehouse to represent the children lost to gun violence each year in America. 

They wanted to have a visual representation of the victims and they plan to follow it up with a letter to lawmakers asking for change. 

“Just to kind of in a peaceful way be able to show our senators, our legislatures even here in Indiana that our youth in our country, in our own cities, they deserve better, they need to be remembered, and that we are looking for change,” said Amy Boggess. 

This started with gift sets of a bracelet and a flower arrangement. 

Andrea Fjelde has a small business where she makes jewelry and also fundraises for non-profits when she can. Her sister, Amy Boggess owns a floral shop. 

They sold them as gifts for teachers. After the shooting that claimed the lives of 19 school children, they decided they wanted to do something with the proceeds. 

“Since the Robb Elementary school shooting, I’ve noticed I think there are many people looking for change. And I don’t even think we’re looking for something major or drastic. We’re looking for safety for our children,” said Boggess. 

“And how can we do that? And how can we make just a little bit of noise here in Indianapolis and say ‘Hey, we want you to notice this?’” 

Both have backgrounds in education, and Amy has school-aged children. 

“I’ve been through all of the drills and trainings for active shooter drills, and I just felt that honestly enough is enough,” said Andrea Fjelde. 

“Our youth really needs us so badly in so many ways right now, and I don’t want my nephews or other kiddos that I’ve taught or babysat for growing up in a world where this is something that is normal for them and is something that’s not changed.” 

They are also donating the rest of the money they’ve raised to the organization Everytown, a group that advocates for gun safety. 

They are also still fundraising for Everytown and still working on the letter to lawmakers. If you’d like to contact them, you can email them here: ritamaeflorals@gmail.com.

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