December 2, 2022
Small Business Branding Package

Every small business is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all small business branding package. However, most branding companies offer one, two, or three basic packages. These packages usually include a starter package. In addition to this, you’ll also need a Style guide and color palette, as well as Postcards and flyers. To get a complete business branding campaign head to

Style guide

One of the key aspects of a small business branding package is a style guide. This document defines the style and voice of the company’s communications. The guide should be easily accessible, editable and viewable. It should include all the visual identities and content of the company. It should also be precise.

A style guide should also include specific instructions on the use of the company’s logo and colors. It should also explain what type of treatment a logo should receive in order to preserve the brand equity. A style guide should also list the types of typefaces used throughout the marketing materials. It should distinguish between fonts used for body copy and titles.

A brand style guide is not a difficult task to create, but it does require attention to detail. It can contain a large amount of information, but it can be easily pared down to its essentials. Small business owners should start by developing a brand style guide that clearly lays out the visual elements of the brand. This will not only make it easier for the designer to apply the brand’s style, but it will also help to ensure consistency in the visuals and content.

A strong brand is consistent across all platforms. This helps customers recognize the company and the product and builds trust. When a company uses consistent branding, it creates a unified and professional appearance. A brand style guide can help businesses ensure a consistent image across platforms and help establish a powerful brand.

A style guide also helps prevent typography mistakes. It helps you use the correct fonts and size for different purposes. For instance, you can use an angular typeface to complement your overall design. You can also use iconography to help your customers identify the products and services of your company. This helps them remember your message and respond to it more easily.

Color palette

Color palette is an essential part of any branding package. It has a huge impact on the perception of your brand. This is why it’s imperative to use a color palette service to ensure your brand’s long-term success. Today, most business operations are conducted online. With the growth of email marketing, it is almost impossible to maintain a leading position without a brand.

When selecting the colors for your branding package, you’ll want to consider the tone and saturation of each color. For example, if you want to use navy blue, you’ll want to include a touch of gray to make it more mellow. The saturation of a color affects its intensity. High saturation creates a richness, while low saturation will make the color seem muted. Colors can also have a strong psychological effect on customers.

One of the most important aspects of a brand’s color scheme is its personality. Consumers associate red with excitement, while blue is associated with calmness. For example, a Swedish furniture company, Ikea, uses a yellow and blue combination that appeals to people. If these colors are not the right fit for your brand, you may want to consider choosing a different color palette.

If you’re looking for an ideal color palette for your business, start by looking at the logos of successful companies. Some of them use vibrant colors, while others use muted shades. The most successful brands, including Google, use colors that can be easily interpreted. A vibrant color scheme will draw people’s attention and inspire them to take action.

Color palette generators are helpful tools in creating cohesive color schemes. These tools allow you to input your favorite colors and create a complete palette from them. They also let you share your palettes with others through email and social channels.


Postcards are an affordable and effective way to advertise your business. They will ensure that your message reaches your target audience and can also be used to solicit repeat business. These small cards are easy to send and they are sure to find their way to your target audience’s letterbox. Postcards can also be used as handouts or package inserts.

One of the best ways to increase response rates with postcard marketing is by personalizing your marketing material. For example, creating a postcard with a face of a real customer or employee will help to build trust. People love to deal with real people, and putting a face to your business is a powerful way to gain a prospective customer’s trust.

Postcards also have the potential to create high impact. Unlike letters, a postcard’s message is easily digested and read. When compared to a letter, it has only a few seconds to capture the recipient’s attention. That means your message has to grab the reader’s attention and make them want to read it.

One of the most effective postcard ideas is to include a discount code or coupon. Many people will save and keep a postcard that contains a discount code. This allows the company to track the number of purchases made and can help them determine how effective their marketing campaigns are. Another way to create an eye-catching postcard is to use colors that are both bright and contrast. Bright and contrast colors will draw the reader’s eye to certain parts of the postcard, driving them to the area where the offer is listed.


Flyers are an important part of your small business branding package. They should be attractive and easy to read, and be printed on high-quality paper. Whether you use NextDayFlyers or other small print companies, you can upload your brand colors, logos, and other design elements to make your flyers look more professional. Illustrations and scenes are important parts of any flyer design, but they can be difficult to create in a hurry. If you can’t afford an illustrator, use icons or scenes that will convey your business’ needs.

Flyers can be printed on either paper or digitally, and come in various sizes. Standard flyers are A5 in size, but if you sell expensive products, you can consider using a brochure-style format or a large size. Regardless of how you choose to distribute your flyers, they need to reach the right people. You can distribute your flyers online, email them to your list, and even post them on social media sites.

Flyers are an inexpensive, targeted marketing tool that can generate great results for your business. Whether you are a local business or a national brand, flyers are a powerful marketing tool. They can help your business get noticed in a local area and drive footfall. Flyers are also a great option for promoting events.

The most important part of your content should be your call-to-action statement. This statement should tell the reader what to do after reading your flyer. It should be as easy to understand as possible. In addition, your flyer should always have contact information. It is best to include it near the bottom of the flyer for easy access.

Custom website

A small business branding package may include a custom website design. Using the right website design will help you attract new customers by ranking highly in search engines such as Google. In addition to this, a custom website design can help you align your website with your existing branding. There are several factors that will help you decide which website design is the best choice for your business.

First, consider your budget. You should only pay for what you really need. A branding package will usually include a custom website, and this cost is usually included in the overall cost. However, you should be wary of paying for a custom website if it is not absolutely necessary. Typically, small businesses can get quality design work for a fraction of the price of a large design agency. A small design studio will also have lower overhead than a large one, so you’ll get more value for your money. Take the time to visit and get the best 5 star rated business branding campaign.