May 18, 2024

Shaquille O’Neal got in his Shaq Diesel bag as he dropped his “The Big Man” diss track to Shannon Sharpe this week, following their heated debate over who should take this year’s NBA MVP trophy.

O’Neal voiced his opinion that Oklahoma City guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander “deserved” to win the title over Denver Nuggets star Nikola Jokic, who’s now won three times. In response to the retired NBA champ’s take, the NFL Hall-of-Famer criticized Shaq on his Nightcap podcast, calling him “jealous.”

“Shaq should have five MVP’s,” Sharpe said. “He sees a guy like Nikola Jokic that’s not as dominant as him and gets three in four years. When you historically great, they talk about you as a great basketball player, the GOAT, and Shaq is never brought up. I think a part of him is envious of that… It’s hard for me to put someone in the GOAT conversation with one MVP. If Shaq would have had my work ethic, he would have had 40,000 points.”

Shaq fired back at Sharpe through a series of Instagram posts, but dropped a bomb when he released a full diss track rapping about the viral podcaster.

“Oh, no Shannon Sharpe you’re way beneath me/ Your whole demeanor is faker than new rapper beef be/ You’re soft, before you get fly you’d rather tweet me/ I was in three different cars when you was in 3 […],” he raps.

Listen to the full diss below.

In another Instagram post, the 52-year-old went off in a lengthy post to Sharpe calling him out for wanting “click bait,” and wrongfully calling him envious.

“You took me sticking up for @shai as jealousy?? shows how smart you are and how you say anything to get clicks. so here’s some click bait for you. if you ain’t ranked in the top ten in your profession , then you can’t speak on Me,” the former Lakers star fired back with some stats of his own. “don’t forget i know what you did to get where you at. me jealous lol sounds like you jealous. i kno you tryna stay relevant by gossiping on your podcast. we don’t believe you. you need more people and in case you forgot. 4 rings three finals Mvp top 50 and top 75. google me.”

He continued, “And to b quite frank all this new success you got, you still under me. u don’t kno my work ethic. but according [to you] i work less than you but im worth more than you. make it make sense. love you too. if you need help making money it’s better ways than gossiping. i’m too old for this sh*t. love always, the most dominant big man ever who never took it serious.”

“remember i don’t know you,” he added. “and in the words of @skipbayless im better than you. #g14classification i have it, you don’t, not in my profession. and your goat debate , never wanted to be the goat i wanted to be who you should [be] greet me as THE MOST DOMINANT EVER. #theapexpredator”

Upon dropping the cover art and snippet of his diss track to Sharpe, Shaq tagged everyone from 50 Cent, Rick Ross, D.L. Hughley, Ghostface Killah, Arsonal, and Akademiks to Stephen A. Smith, Ochocinco and more.

His comment section immediately filled with commentary.

“Shaq been WAITING to drop a diss track,” one person wrote as another said, “Bro Shannon was not disrespecting u! U took that sh*t out of context! He said you were the best to ever do it! Every time someone say one little things about how u handle your career I just think u take it out of context but you do it to people all the time! Don’t get it! I still think you’re the GOAT!”

Take a listen to Shaq’s diss above.

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