February 5, 2023

Salt-N-Pepa is set to appear on Celebrity Family Feud this Sunday (July 17) on ABC. The legendary Hip-Hop duo will be facing off against the cast of Disney’s The Proud Family, with the help of a few fellow rap icons. A clip of the upcoming episode was released today (July 13) and features both members joined by rap group Kid-N-Pay, as well as Doug E. Fresh, who also join the group’s team.

When asked by host Steve Harvey, “Your wife is a lady in the street and what animal in the sheets?’” Peppa responds with “A cougar!” giving a sassy twirl of her hair while sensually mimicking the purr of the wild animal.

“She just pulled her hair back and said, ‘A cougar,’” Harvey joked in reference to Peppa’s response. He playfully added, “Run over here if you want to … Learn yourself somethin’.” The rap vets’ answer also mirrored that of 13 respondents, placing it as the third most popular entry on the category’s list.

While the chemistry between Peppa and Salt—who scored the top answer in the category with “tiger”—translated from the stage to Family Feud. The same could not be said for Kid N’ Play after Christopher Reid aka Kid equated a woman in the bedroom to a “snake” with his answer. His response left Harvey in disbelief. “She a snake in the sheets, we got to get outta here,” the host deadpanned, ending the preview of what looks to be a fun-filled episode of the long-running game show, headlined by a few of our cultural greats.

Watch the preview for Salt-N-Pepa’s Celebrity Family Feud episode below.

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