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Alabama Primary Election 2022: U.S. Senate race results

2022 Election Day. Thanks for joining us tonight. I’m Guy Rawlings along with cheri faulk. It is primary election day here in the state of Alabama, specifically central Alabama, which is obviously what we cover day in and day out. And polls are now closed and we are continuing uh as we have been all day to watch the election results as they are going to be coming in this evening. Are Ian writes is joining us as well. Ian, you’ve been watching the Senate races, the governor’s race, all of it. Yeah. So, we’re gonna be keeping *** very close eye on that. Taking *** look at the numbers, what these numbers mean and what some of the early results. Tell us about where these races could be going over the next couple of hours. Dr Mercer Grayson from stanford University is going to be joining me in just *** couple of minutes. We’re gonna break down some of the big races. The U. S. Senate rate to fill race to fill Richard Shelby Senate. See that’s *** big one. Also, the governor’s race, can governor Ivey won reelection without going to *** runoff next month. Two big storylines will be keeping *** very close eye on tonight, Guy and Sherry. All right, so, Ian, thanks. We have an entire team on the case tonight all across the state. We have folks in Montgomery in Huntsville and right here in Birmingham. We’ll get to them in just *** moment. But let’s go ahead and take *** look at some early results are already rolling in this evening. Let’s start with the Democratic candidate for governor. Yolanda rochelle flowers as you can see has 43% at this point with 803 votes. She has the lead, but there’s only 1% actually less than 1% reporting. Alright, let’s take *** look at the Republican candidates and uh one more, one more page of the democrats. Sorry about that. That’s chad chick martin With 6%. Doug Smith with five. Alright, now to the Republican side and incoming Kay Ivey with 59% of course, less than 1% of precincts reporting right now, very early on, just hour after the polls have closed. So Governor Kay Ivey with 3500 votes. More than 3500. Let’s take *** look at the other candidates in this race. Also, um not *** whole lot of votes here for the Republican other dino Other candidates there Stacy Lee George with .3 Of those votes. 21 votes for him at this point. But again, it’s very early. Less than 1% of precincts reporting. And let’s go live to Lisa Crane. She is with governor Ivey tonight. Yeah, we’re at the election watch party here at the renaissance hotel in Montgomery, this is for governor Ivey and her supporters. And if you look around the party is just starting to get going. As you can see here, starting to fill in *** little bit in this room, we have not seen the governor come down yet. but as you just heard with just *** few 1000 votes in right now. She is in the lead. It is way too early to be celebrating, but it’s certainly *** sign that it’s heading in the direction that her supporters were hoping for now. This morning, we were there when the governor actually voted at her precinct, we heard her supporters chanting four more years. We spoke to her very briefly. She said she’s very excited and optimistic. She is hopeful that this can be decided without *** runoff election. Now with nine candidates in this race and you have to get 50% plus one vote to avoid *** runoff. That seems unlikely, but they are still very confident her strategists we spoke to this afternoon also said very confident that she will be the Republican nominee and she will be the next governor for her. What would be her last four years in office. Now there is *** lot of competition, as we said, eight other candidates trying for this spot. So it could be *** long night here tonight. Now one of those competitors who is expected to give her *** run for her money is tim James and our Jeff Elias office standing by at his election watch Party, which is not too far from here in Montgomery, Jeff indeed lisa and just spoke with the candidate *** couple of minutes ago in this very warm room and he said, Jeff, I’m hotter than *** pig in the sun. But he hopes to stay hot tonight in *** very good way to be one of two people. You know, we talk about *** runoff, only two people can be in that. So the top two vote getters, even if somebody just gets 49% and the others that second place finisher, whoever that would be would end up in the June 21 run off again. The candidates saying he’s been *** lifetime friend of Governor Ivey, but he insists she’s going in the wrong direction. He is very upset about the gasoline tax that he feels should be rolled back. He believes the grocery tax should be taken away. He’s upset about mandates for masks and the like I asked him about the new surge that we’re seeing particularly in jefferson County of Covid cases. And he said, well, treatments are out there, all manner of treatments, some work better than others. But *** vaccine should still be *** matter of choice. And we are now in *** state when uh, we are only at about 52% vaccinated. So, some issues to talk about. It took another *** pass at asking him about the shooting today in texas. And he said really too premature to have *** serious conversation about that lisa. All right, Jeff, Thank you very much. And as you just heard, we have nine total candidates vying for the Republican nomination for the governor’s spot. So it’s going to be *** very long night for all of us. Let’s get back to even though in the studio to kind of break it down for us. All right, lisa, thank you so much. We’ll check in with you coming up again pretty soon. Doctor Mr Grayson from stanford University joining us this evening. Thanks for being here with us. Thanks for having me. So lisa there mentioned nine candidates vying for the Republican nomination. So *** challenging governor, Ivey, within her own party, What does that do for *** race like this when *** candidate needs 50% plus one to win without *** runoff? It makes it hard to do. So even if she has overwhelmingly support within the state, still those people who are getting +45 10% Are eating away at that 50%. And we’re seeing that with some of the candidates. *** couple of the top two candidates we have seen really go after her lately, Tim James and lindy blanchard. So what are their cases, what are their arguments to voters that they’re trying to differentiate themselves with, correct? So they both have tried to demonstrate that they are more socially conservative than Kay Ivey. So, tim James ran commercials talking about um, the Magic City acceptance center, the charter school in this day, accusing her of allowing things that he would never Stand for in the state Lindy Blanchard has done similar, similar things, really trying to show themselves as being more socially conservative when you look at this and we, we keep talking about that 50% plus one? The governor did that four years ago, she got 56% of the vote faced up within her own party, several challengers. But this time around with nine candidates, I mean, could she be looking at facing blanchard? James? Are those the two most likely candidates? Those seem to be the most likely candidates? And um, we know very little right now, but from what we do know those are the two that definitely have had the most support. And again, these are the first initial numbers coming in 1%. So really doesn’t give us an idea of where we’re at, but just going off these, you see the governor with 60% of the vote compared to blanchard 16% and James’s 16, those going back and forth changing as we’re taking *** look at that. Um, if this is *** race where, where it’s Governor Ivey against one of those to what, what could the spread look like? I mean, could it be *** 10 point difference for the governor? Could it be 15 points? What are we talking about? Oh, I think it’ll be pretty significant. I think we will see her at least reach the 40 45% threshold. It will just be *** question of if she can get to 50 and if we do look at this going into *** runoff? What happens then? How do these candidates, you know, differentiate themselves and what are some of the storylines that could evolve there? So I think we’ll hear, Kay Ivey talking about how um, she is not aligned with the trump administration and that many of the problems that people are feeling in regard to it, finding employees paying at the gas pump or *** national problem and not created by her. And she’ll focus on what she’s done economically for the state. But then she will also remind us of the social, socially conservative actions that she has taken in the state. So if you remember some of her campaign ads where she talked about making sure that transgender athletes can compete in schools. I do think we’ll hear her talk *** lot about that because those will be the attacks coming from whether it’s lindy blanchard or um, or tim James. I do think lindy blanchard will also remind us of her ties to donald trump and try to differentiate them themselves that way, assuming it’s her in the runoff *** lot to get to. We’ll be looking at those numbers very closely, stick around. We’ll talk about the Senate race coming up in *** few minutes. Alright, alrighty in. We actually are going to take *** look at those Senate numbers right now. The top three candidates as it stands with those initial results, Katie Britt in the lead with 48.6 looks like we’re starting with the democrats. Actually, let’s switch gears 67% for Will Boyd there followed by Brandon deed than Lanny Jackson with 14%. Let’s take *** look at the republicans, Katie Britt leading at this point again, probably less than 1%. Actually, 1% of the votes have been counted at this point, Katie has 4600 over 4600 votes with 49% mo brooks 25% mike. Durant 23%. So, *** very tight race in on the back two of those three, but you’ve got to have 50% plus one to move on. All right. And we of course have team coverage. Our crews are spread out across Alabama tonight and we want to get out to our W. V. Tm 13 Magdala lucent. She joins us in Montgomery tonight with Katie brits campaign. Magdala, mm hmm. Good evening Sherry. Yes, we’re here at Katie brits campaign at the Alley. The question is, who will replace Senator Richard Shelby? Right? Uh, for the last few weeks we have noticed polls budding Katie Britt along with two other candidates and they seem like they seem to be close. But Katie Britt has been coming at the top amongst at least at the top to right now, we know she’s in the building. Um, she has come through the crowd to address people and say hi. But she’s not in the midst of these people right now who are just sitting around waiting for the results as we are already the ones that you’re reporting now too. So we know we saw Katie Britt who came out to vote early this morning with her family, her husband and her Children by her side. She says she is *** perfect candidate to represent Alabama. And Washington D. C. She has some political experience by working for Senator Shelby in the past as his campaign director and um other positions as well. This will be the first time she will be if um if any on this capacity at this level when it comes to politics, um wanting to be senator and represent Alabama. *** lot of the things that she talks about um in her campaign is wanting Allah or wanting to represent Alabama and make sure Alabama sticks to its conservative route. Um in Washington D. C. She believes she can be that person to do that. Um also, we know at some point later on in the evening, Katie Britt will take the stage there to address the crowd, those who are here to support her. So we will be here when that happens. And I want to send it over to Maddie who is in Huntsville at mo brooks camp. Okay there, Hey Magdala, thank you. Yes, we are at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens where things are really picking up people are eating, listening to music and they’re staying optimistic right now despite those numbers, where brooks is *** good bit behind Brett and right behind Durant. They’re really staying positive because they believe he is reliable and they’ve had his back for *** good time now. This is because he has been elected to state office 14 times. That’s the state Legislature, the Madison County Commission and U. S. Congress. Now he’s looking to make that switch from the House to the Senate and it is *** tight race. We’ve seen that it is tight between Britt and Durant but his campaign team is feeling very, very hopeful. You can see you just saw all of the people who are here supporting him tonight. We spoke with some campaign chairman who say that in the last few months or *** few months ago, things were looking *** bit down the poles weren’t looking great. But in these last few weeks things have really picked up and they say this is because Alabama voters are really seeing what they think is someone that they can count on and that’s based off his previous voting record in the Congress. And they believe that that is what is going to get him to the finish line tonight. To that point where he can beat Britt and Durant. And later on, you can see the stage behind me that is where mo brooks will be coming after the results are in tonight. Whether he wins or not, he will be speaking up there and giving his remarks and we will be here at that point giving you the latest right now, I’m going to send it to john *** who is also in Huntsville. He is with the Durant campaign. Who is neck to neck with mo brooks right now, john how’s it going? Yeah. Hey matty. Yeah. The folks here at Mike Durant’s campaign must be encouraged by the early results putting him in second. Actually, Mike Durant himself just came into the room. We’re at the stove house which is *** former stove manufacturing facility just west of downtown Huntsville. He’s been here for about an hour or so from what I was told from his campaign monitoring the results in *** in *** road in *** room down the hall. And as you can see he’s turning our way now. But he has been the self proclaimed *** political outsider and all this. He’s never run for office before. He’s *** 22 year army veteran. And as you know, he has well known for the fact that he was shot down in *** Blackhawk helicopter in mogadishu Somalia Back in 1993, was held captive for more than *** week before being released and of course moving to Huntsville after he retired and started *** *** defense engineering services company, which earlier this year, he announced he was going to send back to his employees, sell the company back to his employees. But he’s the political outsider in this race. So we expect him to speak to the supporters officially on the stage later this evening, once the results are known? But as you can see he is greeting some of his friends and family and speaking of family was *** very busy day for him earlier on *** personal note, his son graduated from high school at four o’clock this afternoon. So when *** lot of the other candidates were, you know, making, I guess making final pleas for votes, he was actually being *** dad and seeing one of his six Children graduate from high school here in north Alabama. Ian Alright, jump Happy live for us in Huntsville at the Durant campaign dr Grayson joining us once again talking about the Senate race. So let’s dive right into this mike. Durant mo brooks, Katie. But those are the three names that we’ve been hearing *** lot about over the past couple of months. What do you expect the storyline to be tonight? I expect the storyline to be who comes in second in the race. So we, I presume we’ll have *** primary. Um I think Katie Britt will be the front runner tonight. And then it’s *** question of if it’s Durant or brooks joining her and we we’ve really seen that battle for going to the runoff really emerged over the last couple of weeks. New polling recently showed it was *** flip between Durant and brooks for 2nd and 3rd going forward if it is Britt and then one of the two in the runoff, What does president trump’s voice look like in this? Well, that’ll be really interesting. So, Katie Britt will both remind people, especially if this is against mo brooks that donald trump has rescinded his endorsement of mo brooks and that she’s visited mar Lago *** few times. She’s really supporting um what the trump voters want to see in the state. Durant has said that he will support mo brooks if he is not in that run off. And so it’ll be interesting to see how she tries to explain herself or differentiate herself from both Durant and brooks voters. Let me ask you about the president because we saw him rescind that endorsement several weeks back and brooks has done well in the polls since then. So, so what does that tell us about the President’s voice in the Senate primary this far? It’s interesting. I think some people have forgotten about the endorsement. I also think his support from Club for Growth and the amount of money that super pac has been willing to put into this election has made *** difference. And then he’s had still support from Ted Cruz um and other House republicans, parts of the freedom caucus, who have still continued to stand by him. And I think that has helped. We saw Senator Cruz was in town yesterday the day before stumping for him in that that final push? 2% of the polls reporting. So not *** not *** big idea of where we’re at. Not *** big picture, but this shows Katie Britt in first place with 49% of the vote Mo Brooks 27 Mike. Durant 21. When you look at where this could end up, you’re you’re saying that it looks like Britt could proceed to that run off followed by either brooks or Durant. What what do you expect that spread that difference to look like? Well, I think this is interesting because um and we wouldn’t expect to have heard from the highly populated areas yet. But that’s where brits probably gonna do the best as areas like Birmingham. Uh Mobile Huntsville is interesting since you have the candidates from north Alabama. So she’s probably, even though this is really small, happy to see this so far and when we take *** look at some of the other counties you’re watching she has this, he grew up in the wire grass congressman brooks represents the northern part of the state. Do you expect them both to do well in those respective territories? I would think so. Alright, so we’ll be keeping *** very close eye on these numbers. Guy and sherry as they come in *** lot to get to. Again, we’ve just got about 2% of the vote counted. So it doesn’t give us *** big picture, but we can start talking about those numbers and start taking *** look, I’m sure over the next few hours as to what those mean. Alright. IAN sounds good. Quick reminder. If there does become *** runoff, that is june 21st And the general election date. That’s November eight. We will stay on top of these numbers all night long and stick with us here on W. V. TM 13 on air and online for continuing commitment coverage.

Alabama Primary Election 2022: U.S. Senate race results

Scroll down to see the latest results for the race to fill Alabama’s U.S. Senate seat left vacant by longtime Sen. Richard Shelby. Watch WVTM 13 News and get the WVTM 13 app for the latest election news and updates. Don’t forget to follow WVTM 13 on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube! Click here to see the results of all races in Alabama.GOP CANDIDATESKatie BrittMo BrooksKarla DuPriestMike DurantJake Schafer DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATESWill BoydBrandaun DeanLanny Jackson—SENATE PRIMARIESApp users: Tap here to see the results.—[/related]

Scroll down to see the latest results for the race to fill Alabama’s U.S. Senate seat left vacant by longtime Sen. Richard Shelby.

Watch WVTM 13 News and get the WVTM 13 app for the latest election news and updates.

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