March 30, 2023

Ray J is seemingly refuting claims of Kanye West’s retrieval of an alleged sex tape featuring West’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian. On the third episode of Hulu’s The Kardashians, which was shot in October 2021, West is seen delivering a suitcase with a laptop and a hard drive supposedly containing the salacious video to Kardashian in NYC.

According to Kanye, he had just flown into the city from Los Angeles after collecting the suitcase containing the sex tape from Ray J at an L.A. airport the night prior. After watching the video, Kim claimed that there was no explicit video of her on the hard drive and that the footage was actually from outings she and Ray J had previously gone on during their relationship.

“It was just footage of us at a restaurant, at a nightclub,” she said. “Nothing sexual, nothing weird.”

However, after a clip of the episode made rounds on social media, Ray J left a comment under a post, deeming Kanye and Kim’s recollection of the supposed exchange as a farce. “All of this is a lie smh,” the singer and entrepreneur wrote on Instagram. “Can’t let them do this anymore – so untrue.”

Ray J didn’t add any additional context to his comment or specify whether the entire story was false or whether he was referencing a specific aspect of the events detailed in the episode.

Rumors of a second sex tape of Kim Kardashian broke in September 2021 when manager Wack 100 claimed he was in possession of a “more graphic” version of the initial tape with Ray J that was released in 2007. At the time, Wack 100 proposed giving it to Kanye West as a “personal, private NFT.”

While Ray J hasn’t shied away from the infamy surrounding his relationship history with Kardashian and released his 2013 song “I Hit It First,” he seems to have moved past that moment in time. “This needs to stop,” he recently tweeted in response to a Kanye West interview discussing his planned retrieval of the new sex tape of Kardashian back in January. “I also have kids.”

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