February 9, 2023

Sadiq Khan, the Labour Mayor of London, has said he believes the UK should join the EU single market as he openly disagreed with one of the main planks of Keir Starmer’s new Brexit plan. 

Sir Keir will use a speech this evening to say Labour is against being in the single market but Mr Khan said he believes the UK would be more prosperous if it was inside it. 

Mr Khan said it is “possible to be outside the EU but be members of the single market”. Told that it sounded like he disagreed with Sir Keir, he said: “Keir’s job is to be leader of the Labour Party, my job is to be the Mayor of London. That’ll mean on many occasions I agree with the Labour Party, on some occasions I may disagree. 

“Londoners elected me to be their champion, their advocate. I believe that our city and our country’s future is best served being members of the single market. 

“I am not the leader of the Labour Party, I don’t speak for the Labour Party, but when I see the businesses who can’t recruit, when I see the challenges we have in finance, in professional services, in construction, in tech, in film, in music, I know that our future is more prosperous or less poor being members of the single market. We can’t go back into the European Union, the British public have spoken, what we can do though is to make sure we have the least worst option. For me that is being members of the single market.”

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