April 15, 2024

In a speech at the Farnborough Air Show, the Prime Minister described having taken off like a “vertical firecracker”.

“After a while the wing commander said to me, ‘Do you want to have a go?’ And I said, ‘Are you sure, it seems very expensive to me?’ We only have 148 of them and they cost £75 million a pop. And he said, ‘Don’t worry you can’t break it.’ And I thought, ‘oh well famous last words’.

Mr Johnson said that he started to “pull quite a few Gs”.

“When I came back to consciousness I could see the sea getting closer and closer and I started to dream about this incredible forest of windfarms I could see, all over the North Sea and I thought about the way this Government in the past few years have been reclaiming Doggerland, harvesting the drained prairies of the North Sea.

“This reverie must have gone on for quite a while because then my colleague said, ‘I’m taking back control now’, and we headed happily home.”

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