September 24, 2023

Alan J. Borsuk

Menomonee Falls School District superintendent Corey Golla (middle, with microphone) discusses the Menomonee Falls mascot at a school board meeting in November 2019. Golla has left the district, along with a host of other top administrators.

What’s going on in Menomonee Falls isn’t unique. Similar things are happening involving public schools in other Milwaukee suburbs and across the nation.  

But Menomonee Falls is emerging as an eye-catching example of the impact that polarized education politics are having and will have for years to come.  

This is good, in the eyes of some. “The winning continues!” a Facebook post proclaimed when it became clear in April that Menomonee Falls Superintendent Corey Golla was about to leave.  

Hashtags on social media such as “#helpgollapack” were used during the campaigns for three positions on the Menomonee Falls School Board, all of them won on April 5 by candidates who called themselves “Moms on a Mission” and who were backed by local Republican organizations.  

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