February 25, 2024

Proteum Hydrogen Technologies Corp., a subsidiary of Proteum Energy LLC, and the University of Regina have embarked on a joint project aimed at advancing Proteum’s patented and proprietary steam non-methane reforming (SnMR) technology.

The project, conducted through the University’s Clean Energy Technologies Research Institute, focuses on optimizing performance of Proteum’s commercial system for production of hydrogen from renewable ethanol feedstock. The two-year project was awarded a matching grant from Mitacs, a nonprofit Canadian research organization cultivating partnerships between academia, private industry and government.

“We are pleased and excited to work with such a prestigious research university to enhance hydrogen yields for our projects utilizing ethanol feedstock. Leveraging Proteum’s SnMR technology holds great promise for ethanol producers as the automotive industry moves from gasoline toward zero emissions,” said Proteum’s CEO Laurence B. Tree, II.

“With one of the few hydrogen research pilot plants in Canada, the University of Regina’s Clean Energy Technologies Research Institute is uniquely positioned to collaborate with Proteum to optimize their SnMR process for enhanced hydrogen yields and quality from renewable ethanol,” said CETRI’s Director Hussameldin Ibrahim. “We look forward to further developing this promising technology.”



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