June 1, 2023

Pap Chanel held it down for women in Hip-Hop during VIBE and Def Jam Recordings’ “Hip-Hop’s Next & Now” SXSW event presented by SAG-AFTRA. On Wednesday (March 15), she joined the showcase’s solid lineup alongside Armani White, SwaVay, Marqus Clae, and D-Sturdy & Philly Goats to represent the future of the ever-evolving Hip-Hop culture and genre.

Wearing a comfortable t-shirt and cargo pants look, Pap Chanel’s box braids swung with every bar as she confidently performed for the growing audience. Running through songs such as “Gucci Bucket Hat” which features Future and her latest drop “Left Right,” the Georgia native made sure to empower women throughout her performance.

Calling out Women’s History Month, Pap Chanel introduced her Pretty & Paid mantra to the mixed audience and received an outpour of love from existing admirers. After her performance, VIBE caught up with the rising Gen-Z rapper backstage. Read the conversation below.

Pap Chanel Performing

Pap Chanel at the VIBE x Def Jam “Hip-Hop’s Next & Now” SXSW Concert, Presented by SAG AFTRA at the at the Empire Garage on March 15th, 2023 in Austin, Texas.

Christopher Polk for VIBE

VIBE: If you had one word to describe your theme for 2023, what would it be?

Pap Chanel: Ambition… ambitious as hell. Everything I want in life, I’m going to go for it. If I believe it, I can achieve it. And that’s on period!

Like you said on stage, it’s Women’s History Month. Who are some women in hip hop who have inspired you in your journey?

I would say on all tens across the board, Nicki Minaj. Her creativity, her longevity, and her work ethic speaks to me. Foxy Brown speaks to my inner Queen. Eve, oh my God, sister is the blueprint. Actually, at this point, I feel like women are winning right now. So all female artists right now are inspiring the f**k out of me. Shout out Lola Brooke. Shout out Mulatto. They going crazy. GloRilla. It’s our time.

Continuing on that, not even just speaking in women in general, but women from the South, like you mentioned, Latto, GloRilla…y’all are doing the thing. How does it feel to be a part of that new voice for southern women in Hip-Hop?

It’s legendary. It’s legendary at this point. I’m glad to be a part of this history that we are making right now. And I know for a fact we finna take over and we finna put our foot down.. I want to ask the world, how does it feel to witness females take over?

What can fans expect from you going forward? You just dropped “Left Right.” What’s next?

This is the year of consistency for Pap Chanel and that’s going to be a domino effect every year after that. So I’m super excited. Projects dropping this spring and baby girl, we got like 10,000 more after that, okay!

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