February 25, 2024

HONOLULU (KHON2) – Whether you’re a professional or not, you have a chance to enjoy sports right here at the Ala Moana Center with a new place called Sports Box Hawaii. 

And to find out more, we are here with its owners DJ Chinen and Alyssa Tanigawa.

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Tanigawa, tell us a little bit about Sports Box and what can people expect when they visit you?

“Sports Box is Hawaii’s first multi-sports simulator designed for entertainment,” says Tanigawa, Co-Owner of Sports Box.

“We have nine different sports, so I like to say there is something for everyone. We have baseball, gold, soccer, dodgeball, frisbee golf, footgolf, wild west shooter and bowling. I think I got it all,” explained Tanigawa. “And you can bring your friends, family, coworkers.  Everyone has a ton of fun.”

Is it safe to say that you guys are one of a kind in Hawaii?

“Yah, I would say we are the first of our kind and we’re definitely teaching everybody how to use it and how to have fun,” says Tanigawa.

Chinen, tell us a little bit about how this came about. 

I hear this is your second location, so how did Sports Box start?

“So, we opened up our first one as Golf Box Hawaii and that was because, during the pandemic, we seen the big boom in golf,” says Chinen, Co-Owner of Sports Box. 

“Everyone was swinging a club and getting into the sport. And so we saw an opportunity there and opened up Golf Box. But right when we opened it, there was new technology that came out and we were able to offer eight other sports so we quickly changed our name to Sports Box and here we are today.”

So, let’s say someone sees this and they want to rent a space. How does this process work and what can they expect?

“So, you can reserve online or come in for a walk-in appointment based on availability at our Ala Moana location and we will get you seated, get you checked in,” says Tanigawa. “You will use real-life sports objects to hit into a virtual screen, and it virtually projects it to show what would have happened in real life.”

So, here you rent the space or this box and you can fit a certain amount of people in each box?

“Yes, each box accommodates up to six people,” says Tanigawa.

Tell us a little bit about the other services you provide here.

“The most popular things are parties, so we throw like 10 birthday parties every weekend, family reunions, team bonding, corporate events, corporate bonding,” says Chinen. “All of it, we have had so many people here, a lot of parties, every weekend, and we hope you guys would join us because its bring your own food and drinks.”

To be able to start a company and then expand within six months during the time that we are living in, what were some of the challenges that you had to overcome?

“Probably the biggest challenge was probably the environment,” says Chinen.

“People getting more comfortable being out in public.  What we found is that with our business and the space that we are able to provide — provides a good environment for people to take that first step and get to gathering with your close friends and family up to six people, you’re spaced out from everyone.  If you have more than six people, you can rent two boxes next to each other. So its a good fun, safe way for everyone to gather.”

So again, if you’re a professional just trying to better your skills or if you are junk at sports and just want to have some fun, come down here to Sports Box Hawaii to get that entertainment. 

It’s here at Ala Moana Center located right next to Target but the original location is in Aiea. 

Both are open every single day but it is recommended that you reserve your space first.

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