April 15, 2024

More than three in four millennials have blocked family members on Facebook because of disagreement over political content, according to a study.

A new survey conducted by the website time2play found that 78.3% of millennials have blocked a family member on Facebook for political postings.

“The younger generation doesn’t seem interested in hearing any opinions that differ from their own,” researcher Ben Treanor told The Post.

“So if you don’t 100% agree with their agenda, they’ll cut you out of their lives completely — and that goes for family too.”

Nearly half of those surveyed from all age groups — 46.4% — said they blocked a family member who “posted hateful, toxic, or problematic things.”

Slightly less — 43.5% — from all age groups said they blocked a family member for sharing “fake news” while 41.4% of everyone surveyed said their relatives were blocked because “they post too much political content.”

Family members who posted "problematic" content including the sharing of "fake news" were likely to be blocked, according to the survey.
Family members who posted “problematic” content including the sharing of “fake news” were likely to be blocked, according to the survey.
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Nearly two in five people from all age groups — 37.6% — said they blocked family members who were estranged while 28.6% said that they blocked loved ones because of “annoying comments on my posts.”

About one in five of everyone polled — 22.7% — said they blocked loved ones in order to “hide my personal life” while 14.1% complained that their relatives “post too much religious content.”

Just over one in 10 from all age groups — 11.3% — said family members were “tagging me in posts too often,” resulting in a block.

The survey was conducted of 2,040 US residents who use both Facebook and its sister social media network, Instagram — both of which are owned by Meta Platforms Inc.

The study found that just 25.8% of Instagram users from all age groups admitted to blocking a family member.

Most who did block a loved one on Instagram said the reason for doing so was to hide their own content rather than avoid seeing what the other family member was posting.

Nearly two-thirds of all Instagram users who were surveyed — 62.1% — said they blocked a family member in order to conceal aspects of their personal lives.

Others cited estrangement and posting annoying comments as other main reasons.

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