June 23, 2024

“These easy-to-use Bluetooth tags can do wonders if you’re looking for the best value in your inventory tracking or cold supply chain logistics. The battery lasts for years, the design is durable and robust, it’s perfect even for industrial setups. Our partnership with InPlay is a huge win for anybody who needs innovative, capable wireless solutions on a budget”, said Deniss Truhanovs, the Head of Innovation at MikroTik.

“We are very pleased that Mikrotik has adopted our NanoBeacon Bluetooth beacon technology for their Bluetooth tracker product design. Long operation battery life has always been a challenge for Bluetooth tracker products, and we are proud to have worked with Mikrotik to address and contribute to this challenge.” said Jason Wu, co-founder and CEO of InPlay.

About NanoBeacon

NanoBeacon is a Bluetooth Beacon technology developed by InPlay with focus on active RFID and wireless sensor applications. It is a software programming free and configure-to-use solution. IN100 is the first of its kind in NanoBeacon product family and features small size (2.5mm x 2.5mm for DFN8 package and 3.0mm x 3.0mm for QFN18 package), low power, wide operating voltage, and wide operating temperature range. More product information is available at

About MikroTik

MikroTik is a security and innovation focused European router software and hardware manufacturer that offers the most flexible and user-friendly routing and network management solutions (up to carrier-class!). Their products are used by ISPs, individual users, and companies for building data network infrastructures worldwide – even in space research, ocean research, and on Mount Everest. There are millions of installations around the globe going back as far as 1996. Their mission is to make existing Internet technologies faster, more powerful, adaptable and affordable to wider range of users.

About InPlay

InPlay Inc is a fabless semiconductor company whose mission is to provide highly scalable, low-latency, low-power wireless communications technologies that unlock the vast potential of the VR/AR, healthcare and wireless industrial IoT markets. The company was founded by a group of wireless engineers experienced in wireless and mobile communication systems with unique technologies in RF, analog mixed-signal circuits and low-power circuit design. InPlay has a research and development team in Irvine, California, with operations and business development in both the United States and China.

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