December 3, 2022
Marketing Your Music

What is Music Marketing? Well, music marketing is the method of increasing awareness of your sound through promotion. Without properly marketing yourself or your sound, very few people would even know that you make music or exist. If you are a musician just starting out, you have some serious work ahead of you if you do not get involved with music marketing. If your goal is to get real music marketing you should get a campaign from iTunes Exposure today.

There are two types of music marketing: Record Labels and Independent Merchandisers. With record labels, you will find that they will not just give you your CD when it is finished (unless you get a contract), but they will market your record to the industry. They are the ones who will promote your sound and get it known to the consuming public. A record label’s budget is usually fairly high, which is good because they will be investing a lot of money into promoting your record.

However, with independent musicians, you may not have this luxury. You will need to market yourself and your sound yourself. Now, if you don’t know how to do marketing yourself, you may ask what does “music marketing” actually mean. Music marketing is all about promoting your sound so that you can gain enough fans to get noticed by the industry. If you’re lucky, you might be able to gain enough fans to get yourself signed to a record label.

While this is always a possibility, the odds are against you. The reason being is that labels and publishers want original artists to make music and they do their best to promote them. Even if they have to pay for this promotion, they will still consider signing you because of the popularity that you already have in the industry. If you want to promote yourself and your sound on your own, independent musicians will have to do a little bit more marketing for themselves before they see any success in their music career.

One way for independent musicians to get the marketing they need without having to spend a ton of money is to take advantage of some music marketing courses online. These courses can give you a jump start in marketing your music on your own. Not only will these courses show you what you need to do to build your email list, but they will show you how you can use marketing tools like email lists and website promotion to market yourself effectively. They will teach you what works and what doesn’t when it comes to promoting yourself and your sound. These courses are usually affordable and can be found easily online.

Now, there are several ways to build up your email list and some of the methods are a lot more effective than others. Some of the best methods include social media platforms, YouTube, podcasting, article marketing, and the power of email lists. With social media platforms, you will be able to create a following that will eagerly wait for your updates. You can use YouTube to showcase your videos and have your followers eagerly await your newest music releases.

If you don’t have any sound samples to send to your followers or you haven’t put any promotional videos together yet, then you should definitely make use of the power of email newsletters. Email newsletters allow you to send out information about your upcoming show, press release, and other promotional info to your loyalists without having to make a single effort. Your newsletter will keep your followers up to date with everything that’s going on with your career.

Lastly, one of the best ways to market your music and grow your fan base without spending tons of money is through social media. The popularity of social media platforms has increased the amount of people who are willing to support their favorite artist via the social media platform. If you aren’t marketing your music to your audience, then you aren’t likely to see much success. So, start promoting your upcoming show using these four marketing tactics today! Market your album, EP, or single with a campaign from iTunes Exposure right now.