June 14, 2024

Lola Brooke is the kind of young rap starlet that you won’t know what type of music she will release next. After posting up spitting a raw verse with a gang of pretty gangsta women rappers off the On The Radar Ladies Night cypher, Brooke can switch it up and deliver a love letter themed sonic shot like “On My Mind.”

Inspired by the hit song “You’re Always On My Mind” from the 90’s R&B trio, SWV, Brooke puts her own thug love spin on the classic. “When I recorded ‘On My Mind,’ I wanted people to see that Lola Brooke is a fan of love. There’s many layers to who I am and making music is my way to express that,” Brooke says, with her Brooklyn, New York accent.

The visual for the video goes right along with the smoothness of the track (produced by by Semi Beatz, Tsunami, Trellsettaz & Wmarcos), with the fade in and outs of the bangle-earring wearing Brooke, caressing her romantic lead in up-and-coming HighBridge The Label rapper Lil Rekk. “I want this track to connect with couples or anyone that’s crushing on someone, but don’t know how to express their love,” Brooke explains. “This the song you play after a date night riding back home.”

Lola Brooke and Highbridge The Label artist Lil Rekk give us that 90’s kinda love feel.

To get more tunes from Brooke, check her Spotify page below and be on the look out for her forthcoming full-length project. She’ll also be a featured performer on the Rolling Loud New York stage this upcoming September.

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