June 17, 2024

living a life of more social imageDedicated to motivating, empowering, and uplifting women to live a life of MORE, Michelle Washington is the CEO of Women of MORE Organization, LLC, and the author of Women of MORE Magazine, which was featured by Harper’s Bazaar. In addition to hosting inspiring events and highlighting women at the top of their game through these endeavors, Michelle also serves as Chief Brand & Innovation Officer at The People Resource Group. She is also the founder of the High Achievers Motivational Academy and formerly served as a Senior Analyst at the Bank of America. Michelle joins me today to share how she built her brand, Women of MORE, and differentiated herself in the marketplace by staying relevant. She shares the difference between approaching your work from a hobby mindset versus a business mindset and the importance of relationship-building as you market your brand. Michelle also highlights the importance of remembering who you are and investing in the commitments you make to yourself to truly live a life of MORE.

“Be patient but be persistent in everything that you do and understand who you are.” – Michelle Washington

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This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

  • The season of life that led Michelle to launch her Women of MORE brand
  • Why women spend so much time investing in others above themselves
  • The importance of remembering who you are as a woman
  • The most significant thing plaguing female business owners right now
  • How you can get over your past regrets in life and move forward into your dreams
  • How your level of commitment relates to your ability to live a life of MORE
  • The two words that Michelle lives by and how these words apply to living a life of MORE
  • The importance of keeping the promises you make to yourself
  • How Michelle maintains her positivity and what keeps her moving forward
  • The best business advice Michelle has received and her favorite old-school marketing tip
  • What is next for the Women of MORE brand

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