December 3, 2023

Pixies have released a new single from their forthcoming album Doggerel. It’s called “Dregs of the Wine” and it is the first Pixies track co-written by guitarist Joey Santiago. Check it out below.

“I guess I was in kind of a zombie state, just playing,” Santiago said of working on the song in press materials. “After I stopped playing, I put it down and went, ‘Well, that was a fucking waste of time, what a piece of shit I am.’ I beat myself up a lot, but my girlfriend, unbeknownst to me, was recording me. She played it back to me, and I go, ‘Fuck! Hold on a second here! This stuff is good!’”

Black Francis added that the song is about “living in Los Angeles in the ‘90s with my then-wife, hanging out with Joey and his ex-wife, lots of trips to Las Vegas, a lot of drinking, little bit drug taking, some genuine good times.”

Doggerel is out September 30 via BMG. The band have shared previous singles “There’s a Moon On” and “Vault of Heaven.” Pixies have released three LPs since they reunited in 2004: 2014’s Indie Cindy, 2016’s Head Carrier, and, most recently, 2019’s Beneath the Eyrie.


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