December 1, 2022

According to TMZ, Lil Durk is being sued by Fresh Entertainment concert promoters in Nassau, Bahamas for missing a show back in December 2019. Durk, 30, was scheduled to perform at a concert in which promoters say they paid out $24,000 ahead of time plus promotional fees. However, the Chicago rapper never made it on stage.

When Durk arrived in the Bahamas, immigration authorities reportedly refused to let him into the country after discovering that he had pending charges against him from an Atlanta shooting earlier that year.

In February 2019, a man was shot multiple times outside of The Varsity restaurant in ATL. Now, the D.A. has dropped the felony charges against the rapper, which included a criminal attempt to commit murder, aggravated assault and participation in criminal street gang activity. Although his legal troubles kept him from putting on a show, the promoters still want their money back.

Fresh Entertainment also claims that in 2019 they asked for assurance about any current legal battles that Durk might be in, that would prevent him performing. They said that they were told he had none.

At the time of canceling the “Unwrapped” concert — which also was to feature slain rapper JaydaYoungan — Fresh Ent. wrote: “Fresh Unwrapped cancelled. All tickets are being refunded. Digital purchases will automatically be reversed no further action needed. All tickets purchased at the Reef Restaurant, please return your ticket for refund.”

Now, the promoters are claiming that Lil Durk, born Durk Derrick Banks, kept their payments and hasn’t returned any money or rescheduled for another show date. It is also alleged that Durkio has requested an additional $200,000, plus the original fee, if he were to do another show. Now he is being sued for $350,000 for breaching their contract, which includes money spent for planning the concert.

Lil Durk’s attorney Ariel Mitchell issued an official statement: “The frivolous lawsuit filed by Plaintiff and its attorneys is being publicized in an attempt to usurp the news of Mr. Bank’s exoneration from the 2019 charges to extort a payday. The lawsuit has no merit as it was the Plaintiff’s own failure to secure a visa which caused denial of entry by immigration.”

She added, “Further, we are confident this lawsuit will be immediately dismissed for several procedural errors. Mr. Banks looks forward to traveling the globe on tour in the near future.”

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