May 29, 2024

Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, is the latest Hip-Hop Head to take issue with J. Cole apologizing to Kendrick Lamar after responding to the Compton MC’s verse on Future and Metro Boomin’ hit, “Like That.”

During a sit-down on The Download podcast — where he also previewed his verse on the “Like That” remix and jokingly shared his interest in sleeping with Michelle Obama — Ye shared his thoughts on J. Cole dropping “7 Minute Drill” only to apologize days later, deeming it a “pu**y” move. He also calls out the North Carolina rapper for attempting to distance himself from the smoke as Drake’s “First Person Shooter” collaborator and tour-mate.

“F**k all that pu**y sh*t,” West told The Download host Justin Laboy. “F**k all that sh*t. Because, like that ni**a J. Cole went on tour with Drake, he know what it is. Like, ni**a, you can’t run now. It’s you also.”

Ye added, “I don’t listen to J. Cole…I just heard he had a song called ‘False [Prophets]’ and somebody told me it’s halfway about me.”

J. Cole first responded to K. Dot with “7 Minute Drill” on surprise album Might Delete Later. Deeming the song “merely a warning shot to back ni**as down,” Cole went on to call Kendrick boring, accuse him of falling off, and of being inconsistent. After receiving a lukewarm response to the record, however, Cole took to his Dreamville Festival stage to apologize to his “Forbidden Fruit” collaborator.

“I was conflicted because, I know my heart and I know how I feel about my peers, these two n**gas that I’m blessed to even stand beside in this game and let alone chase their greatness. I felt conflicted because I know I don’t really feel no way. But the world want to see blood,” he said. “I moved in a way that, spiritually, I feel bad.”

While many agree with Ye that the move didn’t exactly feel “Hip-Hop,” the apology was appreciated by TDE’s Punch Henderson.

“Cole is a very genuine guy. I respect it,” he wrote. “We often give in to external pressures and outside influences and act out of out own character. It’s rare to have enough heart to make the correction. It didn’t align with HIM so he fixed it in the same manner he engaged. Salute.”

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