May 20, 2024

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson has made history as the first Black woman to be sworn into the Supreme Court.

On Thursday (June 30), Justice Jackson was sworn into the highest court in the land as she is poised to replace the retired Justice Stephen Breyer. Selected as President Joe Biden’s nominee, Justice Jackson was confirmed to the Supreme Court in April 2022 but had to wait for Justice Breyer to complete the remaining months of his tenure.

The historic moment created a powerful scene as Jackson underwent the ceremonious actions. As her two daughters watched, Justice Jackson made two oaths under law, as Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. and Justice Stephen Breyer initiated the constitutional and judicial oaths, respectively. After the event, Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. announced that the Supreme Court has welcomed its newest member, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson.

“I am pleased to welcome Justice Jackson to the court and to our common calling,” Roberts declared as the ceremony ended. Justice Jackson is set to take her place on the highest court when the Supreme Court reconvenes at the end of the summer.

Jackson’s Supreme Court swearing comes at a politically tumultuous time in the country. On Friday (June 23), the Supreme Court voted to overrule Roe v. Wade in a 6-3 decision, which sent the country into an uproar. President Joe Biden responded by stating that the Supreme Court’s decision was “destabilizing.”

According to the Washington Post, President Biden supports suspending the filibuster and “called for altering Senate filibuster rules to codify into law abortion rights and privacy protections” to combat the court’s recent decision.

You can watch Justice Jackson’s Supreme Court ceremony in its entirety below.

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