December 3, 2023

Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce and former New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman had a big night out in Beverly Hills in 2020, and it resulted in the latter getting arrested. On the “Games with Names” podcast, Edelman and Pierce recounted a memorable night for the both of them.

Edelman revealed that he got slapped with a “citizen’s citation arrest” after attempting to slide across the hood of a stranger’s car outside a restaurant. The three-time Super Bowl champion said the driver of the car immediately got the attention of a police officer, but Pierce was there to stand up for him.

“Homeboy gets out of the car, waves down a cop, and they start hemming me up,” Edelman said. “Paul had my back, though. He had my back. He was like, ‘Get off him. He didn’t do s—-. He didn’t do s—.'”

Pierce did take issue with the quality of Edelman’s slide.

“Dude, I’m gonna tell you this,” Pierce said. “That was the weakest hood slide ever. You didn’t even make it all the way across. You, like, slid and stopped in the middle. I was like, ‘Aw, nah.””

Pierce and Edelman also revealed that they were both stuck in the restaurant due to a robbery. Unable to leave for almost three hours, the pair chose to keep drinking tequila, which factored into Edelman’s decision to do some hood-sliding.

When Edelman and Pierce finally got back to their place, they initially thought they got away with the incident without anyone noticing. However, that all changed the next morning when Edelman’s phone was blowing up.

“What he’s failing to tell you is that we were on our way to leave. We couldn’t leave the place for 2.5 hours. So what did we do? We just drank tequila all night long,” Edelman said. “We get done. We think we get out of it scot-free. We go back to the house. It’s not on TMZ. It’s not out. We’re having the best night of our lives. We go out, and we’re over here playing one-on-one basketball at SoHo House. People are over here like, ‘What’s going on?’ We were having the time of our life. I wake up the next morning to 300 text messages from my agent.”

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