April 20, 2024

Jay Electronica has spoken out against Wack 100 following critical comments the Hip-Hop manager made regarding the Nation of Islam, which Jay Elec is a member of.

During a recent conversation on social media platform Clubhouse with Nation of Islam member Ben X, Wack 100 alluded to financial misappropriation on the part of the NOI in regards to proceeds generated from the historic Million Man March.

Organized by the NOI’s leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan, the march took place in 1995 and brought roughly 837,000 Black men to the National Mall in Washington, D.C., and is believed to have raised an estimated $245,000.

“That was orchestrated by the Nation of Islam. The money was administered by the Nation of Islam,” Wack said during the exchange. “It was supposed to be this, this, and that. I thought I was going to see some schools or maybe some type of funding for child resources. The Million Man March came, a bunch of people raised a bunch of money and then… we didn’t hear nothing.”

After catching wind of Wack 100’s remarks, the usually reclusive Jay Electronica took to social media, chastising the polarizing commentator for his veiled suggestions targeting the Nation of Islam and its leadership.

In one post, the “Exhibit C” rapper welcomed Wack to engage him with discourse regarding the NOI moving forward, writing “ask me with yo c**n ass,” while later warning Wack to “KEEP MY NATION’s NAME OUT YOUR FU*KING MOUTH” in an additional post. From there, Electronica continued his onslaught, adding, “You out here pressing everybody but the open enemy. Don’t be out here stunting on our lil brother. Press ME about The Nation Of Islam. I got that fire you looking for.”

The rapper ended his tirade, addressing Wack 100 with another message. “SCAREDTODEATHNEGRO @wack100 YOU SIT DOWN AND YOU SHUT YO WEAK KNEED BIT*H AS* UP,” Jay Elec concluded in the last of his string of posts, some of which have since been deleted from his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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