May 20, 2024

Following the unforgettable R&B Verzuz battle between many women’s teenage crushes Ray J, Bobby Valentino, Pleasure P, Sammie, Omarion, and Mario, the fire has still been ablaze.

The main battle between Omarion and Mario was one for the books as both beloved singers sang their biggest tracks. Omarion performed songs like “O,” “Touch,” and “Ice Box,” while Mario delivered tunes like “Let Me Love You,” “Just A Friend,” and “Come With Me”–just to name a few.

If you ask the social media streets, Mario defeated Omarion in their Verzuz with his studio-quality voice—free of error. Some say Omarion had him with the choreographed dance skills and performance. During O’s songs, he seemed to have been experiencing malfunctions with his earpiece as he repeatedly explained and apologized to the crowd for any off-key notes. However, in true savagery, Black Twitter would not let that fly. Reactions to Omarion’s vocals flew left and right from fans and viewers who blamed his sound issues on his “lack of vocal ability” rather than technology.

Amongst the mixed reviews, Omarion’s on-and-off-again groupmates Raz-B, J-Boog, and LIl’ Fizz found their way into the conversation, adding their pennies for thoughts.

It all started when the trio mocked Omarion for apparently losing the sing-off to Mario. In a lengthy post shared on Instagram, Omarion responded to them with a short synopsis of his solo success compared to that of Raz-B, Lil Fizz, and J-Boog. The 37-year-old also made the claim that his once “Boys 4 Life” were always “praying for my downfall.”

Under a post showing an “Unbothered” Omarion at a photo shoot, he wrote, “Y’all are hilarious, I’m enjoying the creativity. If you’re lucky enough to be in this business for 22 years you understand that at some point you will experience malfunctions. It comes with being an artist and making yourself vulnerable to the world.”

He added, “But to my 3 background dancers, I’m not surprised because this is how y’all always been, even while in the group. Praying for my downfall. Well, keep praying cause I’m overbooked and busy. Meanwhile, y’all really gotta get a job other than hating on O. I heard UPS is hiring.”

The post exploded on social media and led to the group members laying out everything they ever felt about the once Maybach Music and Young Money Records signee.

J-Boog first wrote a shady now-deleted IG story post that eventually spilled over into an entire “book.” He wrote in a 10-post carousel, “This thing we call B2K was never the Omarion show,” he started. “It was more like a circus and each guy brought a special attraction and collectively it was fun to watch. Watching you only let’s me know that you were not really paying attention to what was making you Omarion because without us around it’s clear you can’t tap back into him. You look lost, almost like you looking for us to feed off. You are a fame hog and that got the best of you.”

He added, “Fame is a hell of a drug I know when we were together as a group you wanted to be the most famous aka the most favorite…but that wasn’t case. Fizz and Boog were the favorites. And you couldn’t understand that because you sung all the leads (by old school group design) but the guy who only talked on the track and in interviews (ME) and the other guy who rapped on our singles (FIZZ) were getting more love than you…Chris Brown took your career and Bow Wow just took your tour.”

Raz-B added fuel to the fire by releasing a document that enclosed information that apparently ousted Omarion from being in B2K as a member. Raz wrote in an Instagram post, “@omarion you been out the group bruh, it’s amazing how you think everybody f**ks with you.”

Lastly, Lil’ Fizz took the opportunity to post a video of his son playing basketball with a caption detailing how he felt about the entire situation. “Sorry I’m late to the POST & DELETE PARTY @boogie_p & @razb_b2k , been at my son basketball tournament all morning,” he wrote. “Shout out my lil one #1 @air_killakam. But check it, I ain’t deleting shit,,,, for what ? This shit fun and games but if it’s Smoke  then it’s Smoke.”

He then listed who he considers himself to be and not be. Fizz wrote, “I am who I am: 1.) A Father; 2.) Entrepreneur; 3.) B2k Member. What I’m not is Omelons backup dancer , sh*t I can’t dance just like this nicca can’t sing! #HoldThatL #IshmaelOmelon.”

Hopefully, the guys can reconcile and maybe reunite for another tour. For now, it seems their biggest fans’ dream of seeing them together on stage may not come around again.

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