June 1, 2023

Irv Gotti has declared that there is no one worthier to face off against Murder Inc’s catalog in a Verzuz than Diddy’s own Bad Boy Records. The multimedia mogul shared his thoughts on the latest episode of Drink Champs alongside Ja Rule after N.O.R.E posed the question of who would be able to face Murder Inc in a Verzuz matchup. 

Irv took a second before answering the question and referenced Ja Rule’s Verzuz battle with Fat Joe as evidence that his infamous record label is “nothing to be f**ked with.” The Murder Inc founder then offered an answer to N.O.R.E’s previous question of who could go track for track against his label. 

“I think Rule kind of cemented when he did the Verzuz with Fat Joe. I think he kinda cemented like, we ain’t nothin’ to f**k with. The Murder Inc. catalog! I mean, what did they say, twenty hits?” Irv Gotti confidently questioned during his sitdown. 

Ja Rule added to Gotti’s thought and expressed Verzuz would need to up the number of songs for a crew battle from 20 to 50 hits. 

“It would have to be Bad Boy,” Irv declared. “[Bad Boy is] the only thing comparable. I can’t say [Dr. Dre] because the music is different. It’s hard going against them gangsta ass records.” 

Watch the full interview below where Gotti talks about Murder Inc, Ashanti, and more.


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