September 26, 2023

Join us today as we meet with Mani Bhushan, Founder of Taco Ocho, a chain of Latin food restaurants in Texas. Mani shares some great tips and sobering advice about the food business and what motivates him daily after 40 years in the restaurant business.

  • 00:00:00 Business Brain – The Entrepreneurs’ Podcast #426 for Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023
    • Featured Guest: Mani Bhushan from Taco Ocho
      • The Efficiency of Sauces
      • From Big Companies to Your Own Company
      • Lesson: You need great people, and you need to make great food
      • Don’t Sacrifice Your Creativity…Nor Your Customers
      • Go get 20,000-30,000 customers
      • Getting closer to your customers
      • Twisting authentic food
      • Adapting Strategic Plans from Big Business
      • Always Be Growing…Follow the Younger Customers’ Needs
      • Choosing a Restaurant Location
        • Traffic generators
        • Traffic patterns
        • Household income
        • Mobile Phone Ping Studies
    • Hedging for a correction with razor thin margins in 2023
    • Tip: Have a defendable concept
  • BB 426 Outtro

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