December 1, 2023

San Diego-based companies will collaborate on technology solutions for cloud kitchen and delivery services

San Diego, California, Sept. 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — HUMBL, Inc. (OTC Markets: HMBL) announced today the formation of a strategic technology partnership with Great Foods2Go (GF2GO).

Under the terms of the agreement, the two companies will integrate HUMBL’s mobile application, search engine and marketplace technologies in support of GF2GO and its sub-brand, 1Delivery.

The partnership will utilize the full HUMBL platform including: HUMBL Wallet, HUMBL Pay, HUMBL Search Engine and HUMBL Marketplace technologies.

The partnership will focus initially on the San Diego, California cloud kitchen location and be designed to expand across multiple locations.

The location currently prepares and delivers over 2,000 food orders per month across 30 virtual brands, ranging in popular cuisine styles such as American, Mexican, Italian and more.

The companies will use this location as the first “HUMBL Hub” to determine the best technology mix of mobile payment applications, point-of-sale (POS) systems, search engine advertising and marketplace delivery technologies.

HUMBL and GF2GO will also test virtual brands using HUMBL’s mascot, a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT named “BLUE,” using such kitchen themes as “Blue’s Tacos” and “Blue’s Boring Breakfast,” for which HUMBL will receive a revenue share on all orders.

GF2GO has a SaaS technology integration partnership with one of its minority investment partners, Maker Kitchens, that will see GF2GO expand its technologies to multiple cloud kitchen locations.

Maker Kitchens owns and operates real estate locations that have been developed as food hubs which specialize in providing private, permitted commercial kitchens for pickup and delivery-only restaurants and food and beverage vendors of all shapes and sizes.

“I have gotten to know the group at GF2GO well over the past year and value their shared commitment to hard work and rapid technology development here in the San Diego border region,” said Brian Foote, CEO HUMBL.

“We know Brian and the team at HUMBL well and have a close connection to the HUMBL brand and customer base. We look forward to a productive and scalable technology partnership together in this category of ghost kitchens and delivery,” said CEO, Jorge Santillan.


HUMBL is a Web 3 company with consumer and commercial divisions. Its product lines include the HUMBL Wallet, HUMBL Pay, HUMBL Search Engine and HUMBL Marketplace technologies.

About Great Foods2Go

GF2GO has developed a number of innovative SaaS and marketplace technologies for the food delivery business: including single ticket ordering across multiple restaurants, one-click ordering, easy item substitutions and optimized, last-mile delivery technologies that pair customers with the cheapest and fastest delivery options.

GF2GO currently operates a brick and mortar, cloud kitchen facility in San Diego, CA, that serves as its research and development hub for over 30 food and beverage brands from which customers may order online for delivery across its sub-brand, 1Delivery.

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Press Contact: Cynthia Kaui, PR Strategist of Focuscom Inc. services.


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