February 25, 2024
Promote Your Album

If you want to promote your album at iTunes Exposure, you can consider signing up for an exclusive deal. Although this can increase your revenue, it can limit your audience. Before signing up for an exclusive deal, you should weigh the benefits and drawbacks. Then, submit your music for review. Once approved, your music will be showcased on a dedicated artist page. Read on to learn more. This article will help you create a successful album promotion plan for iTunes Exposure.

Milestone cards

You can create Milestone cards for album promotion at iTunes Expose by selecting the new Focus, and searching for eligible artists or tracks. Then, change your Focus to Milestone in the Customize stage. If you have tracks that are not eligible for the Milestone card feature, they won’t appear. But, if you have tracks that meet the Milestone requirements, the cards will show up for your audience when they purchase your album.

Artists can share their new albums or album milestones on social media. The Apple Music for Artists platform allows artists to post their own milestones on their social media pages. They can also use this feature to share their achievements with their fans on Facebook stories and messages. Users of the Apple Music service need to register to use this feature. You can download the free version of the app to access Milestone cards, or use an online editor.

You can also share your Milestone cards with your fans on Facebook and Twitter. You can also share the same cards on Instagram and Twitter. These cards are only available for artists who use the Apple Music for Artists app, but it might be rolled out to all Apple Music users in the future. Just make sure you use the correct account when sharing your Milestone cards. The Apple Music for Artists app will allow you to share your Milestone cards on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Apple Music has made the iTunes platform a very powerful marketing tool. With this platform, you can reach more listeners and sell more albums. Using Milestone cards, Apple-branded players, and text marketing, you can increase your exposure and build your fans. You can try iTunes Exposure for free for a trial period to see if you like it. And the best part is that it costs less than traditional music promotion methods.


If you’re an aspiring musician, you’ve probably heard about iTunes Exposure, a new marketing service that promotes new albums. This service has been around since 2003 and has many ways for you to promote your new music. With their email marketing, mobile marketing, social media, and video marketing options, you can use this platform to get the word out about your new album. The website also offers many creative tools to help you promote your new album and engage fans.

One way to promote your new album is to create a Facebook fan page and a Twitter account. Your fans can follow you on these sites and buy your new music. You can also share your new music on these sites by posting a link to your Facebook profile or your tweets. You’ll also want to post the links to your albums on other social networking sites. This will make your music more visible and increase your chances of selling.

Another way to promote your new album on iTunes is by setting up a web site. Although many musicians are not sure where to start, a well-designed web page will be invaluable. Additionally, you can promote your new music through a page at iTunes Exposure. This can be done by following these tips. Regardless of how you promote your music, you’ll get more exposure through these sites than you ever imagined.

Getting your music heard on iTunes can be a difficult task if you don’t know how to make it appear on the platform. Using this service, however, will give you a greater chance to reach the right audience and increase your chances of charting on iTunes. With their proven methods, you’ll be able to gain popularity for your music and create loyal fans. This service is suitable for all genres and artists, and there are many ways to get your music noticed through this method.

Apple Music

If you’re looking for a way to promote your music on iTunes, you’ve come to the right place. Apple’s music promotion service, iTunes Exposure, is an excellent option for independent artists. You can use it for free to get more exposure for your music and save yourself the hassle of setting up and maintaining your own website. You can use this service to boost your online presence and sales, and you can even try it out for free before you pay for the service.

The website for iTunes Exposure gets plenty of traffic and offers detailed information about its services. Some information is kept secret so as to avoid duplicate content. However, the website has several positive points for artists and is worth exploring. For one thing, the services offered at the site can give your music the maximum exposure it can get on Apple’s online store. Not only will your music get global exposure, but it’s free.

In addition to promoting your music on iTunes, Apple Music Exposure is a great way to promote your band and get it noticed. When a user purchases an album, a Milestone card will appear with information on the track’s success. The user can share this card with their friends and fans. If an artist’s album or track is featured in iTunes Exposure, it will show up on their profile.

In addition to traditional means of music promotion, iTunes Exposure also allows for the use of QR Codes for an effective Apple Music album promotion campaign. These codes contain links to download music, and can be branded with a logo or artist’s name. QR Codes can be placed on concert posters, scratch-and-win cards, movie posters, or cocktail napkins to gain more exposure. The code can also be placed on cocktail napkins and other personal direct mail pieces.


A SubmitHub account can be an excellent tool for album promotion at iTunes Exposure. Its detailed submission guidelines and stats on reach make it an ideal choice for certain genres. While the feedback is generally unconstructive, it can also be helpful if the genre you’re aiming for is commercial. To make sure that your music is properly marketed, you should carefully analyze the feedback and choose an appropriate approach. There are free and paid options, and the website lists indexed channels. There are 386 active users, with a 73% response rate.

Apple’s iTunes Exposure website gets over 1,000 unique visitors per day, so you’re likely to see your album listed here, regardless of your genre. Most services are laid out clearly on the site, though some details are intentionally hidden to prevent competitors from copying the service. However, the service offers several benefits, including exposure on iTunes playlists. It’s definitely worth it for new artists looking to gain exposure.

With iTunes exposure, your music will be heard by millions of people worldwide. It will also be featured on other platforms, such as streaming services, classified ads, and radio shows. Ultimately, you’ll receive royalties if your music is played on the service, making it a valuable tool for an artist’s career. The more exposure your music receives, the higher its chances of being purchased. It’s a win-win situation!

While you’re still a new artist, submitting your album to iTunes Exposure is a great way to boost your exposure online. It’s free to sign up and promote your music on iTunes, and it will boost your visibility on other platforms as well. A dedicated artist page for your music can increase sales. You can even choose from the many options that Apple has to offer. There’s something for every budget.


iCandy has been working in the music industry for over a decade, and its success with iTunes Exposure is no surprise. The company has helped many artists chart their albums on the iTunes store, and their service is transparent and well worth the money. This article will cover some of the benefits of iCandy’s album promotion service. It’s also worth taking a look at their free trial.

iCandy’s applications interact with your music library and can generate QR codes for you. These codes can be used on merchandise and on your website to direct potential customers to your music page. You can even use these codes as a direct mail piece. Once the QR code is printed, it takes the user to your website or music page. This is a simple, effective way to reach potential fans and boost your sales.

Using social media to promote your new music is a great way to maximize exposure for your new release. While it might sound intimidating at first, social media is an important component of music promotion. Using a company with extensive experience in social media will ensure that your campaign gets the most downloads possible. It may also help to include your music on forums, blogs, and social networks. There are many ways to promote your new album with iTunes Exposure.

Apple has also added a new feature to its website called “listen on Apple Music.” Fans can customize this badge to listen to your music on their own. The platform also has embedded players to enable fans to share your music with their friends. The service has been extremely successful in promoting music, and it’s a great way to get your music heard and seen by a wider audience. The best part about it? It’s free!