May 20, 2024

The online world brings lots of opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), but lots of risks too.

Being able to take advantages of all those opportunities – like cloud-based services to store your data, use of mobile devices to work on the move, and remote working for you and your team – means having the right cybersecurity in place to keep you and your business safe.

At Vodafone Business, we know that you’re busy and that cybersecurity can feel like just another ‘to do’ on your list of priorities, but – as you know – it really matters if you want to protect and grow your business.

To offer a helping hand, we’ve partnered with leading digital security provider Zscaler – who has vast experience in providing online security products to SMEs – to launch Vodafone Business Secure Access Gateway.

What is the Vodafone Business Secure Access Gateway?

So, what is it? Well, in a nutshell, it’s an agile and scalable cloud-based cybersecurity solution – ideal for any business which wants to protect their network from cyber threats and keep its people secure whether they are working remotely or in the office.

It’s all powered by Security Service Edge (or SSE for short) and is designed to help businesses boost their digital defences, and it’s a new model which is changing the way cybersecurity works – making it more dynamic and proactive.

Because SSE offers a comprehensive and cloud-based solution to your cybersecurity issues, you’ll benefit from reduced costs, improved scalability (so it can grow with your business) and simplified network and security management. It gives you greater visibility and control while reducing your chance of being a victim of a cyber-attack.

Why SSE could be right for your small business

  • It’s adaptable. We know you’ve probably got less budget to play with than a larger business might when it comes to cybersecurity. With SSE, you’re future-proofed –as the online world expands and the threats grow and evolve, you’ll be able to stay agile and won’t need to pay for costly overhauls of your security system.
  • It’s far more visible. You’ll be able to gain deeper insights into your network traffic, applications, and user behaviour, allowing for faster threat detection and a more targeted response if a problem occurs.
  • It secures individual users and devices, regardless of their location – so you and your team can work where and when you like, safe in the knowledge that you are protected.
  • It simplifies and streamlines your cybersecurity by keeping everything in one place, reducing complexity and potentially saving you money too.
  • It optimises your network performance, securing your digital assets without slowing your small business down.
  • It offers a cost-effective solution, eliminating the need to invest in hardware and reducing the time and effort needed to manage your cybersecurity.
  • It can help you comply with regulatory requirements and standards, enforcing security policies and ensuring data protection – reducing the risk of costly and damaging data breaches.
  • And it can help you grow your business in a safe and secure way. As your business grows, SSE can grow with you – allowing you to add more users, devices and applications at your convenience.

By combining Zscaler’s expertise in digital security with our trusted award-winning and secure network, you can rest assured that whether you or your staff are in the office or at home, they (and your business) are protected by high grade security – 24/7 – so you can take advantage of all the business opportunities the digital world has to offer.

Find out more about Vodafone Business Secure Access Gateway and how it can secure your business.

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