December 7, 2022

Every Nevadan that talked to me about that issue had an experience of their own watching it happen on TV, in front of them. I would not underestimate the emotional power that that had on so many people across this country, including those Nevadans that I talked to that told me their stories how they felt watching the Capitol being overrun.

So that was something that to them was emotional, and just as important, and a day that they will never forget. And I do think it is something that resonated with so many people in Nevada because we had not only President Trump, the king of the election deniers. But we had Adam Laxalt, who was the co-chair of his campaign, who went around after that presidential election claiming the election was stolen. He was the face of it, right?

He was going around the state claiming that, if he loses, he was going to do an investigation or check to see if there was some sort of fraud. And I do think people were paying attention to that. They were connecting the dots between that election denialism and what happened on Jan. 6, because it fueled that mob.

We’re still waiting to see what the House is going to look like, but with a narrow Senate majority, what’s at the top of your priority list for this coming Congress?

We have to continue lowering costs for families that I see here in Nevada. Unfortunately, our gas prices are some of the highest in the nation. It means that Big Oil needs to come to the table and work with us to lower those costs. It is ensuring that we are helping our families afford housing here in the state of Nevada. The housing prices are too high.

The other area for me that I have not stopped fighting on — and I will continue to — is immigration reform. It is time that Dreamers, T.P.S. [Temporary Protected Status] recipients, our essential workers and farm workers — that we put them on a pathway to citizenship.

I know that we can secure our borders because that’s something I’ve done since I’ve been attorney general to address the drug trafficking and human trafficking and weapons trafficking on the border.

We can continue to put resources there to make sure we’re doing everything we can to address those issues, and also fix a broken immigration system that treats people with dignity. We can do both, and so I haven’t given up on that. To me that is still just as important.

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