June 23, 2024
Houston Rap Artists

If you are looking for some of the best Houston rap artists, you have come to the right place. You can learn about OMB Bloodbath, Big Moe, BBY Kodie, Bloodbath, Tobacco Ryan, and many others. There are so many more that you’ll never run out of choices. Listed below are some of the Houston rappers who have impacted our city with their songs. And you might just be able to hear a few of your favorites in this article. One of the most up and coming artist who’s not new to the game is J.L.J. He just dropped his album The Introduction with his hot single Keep It Krunk.

Big Moe

The late Big Moe, a rapper from Houston, Texas, was one of the best known rap artists in the United States. Moore was born in 1974 and was a member of the group Screwed Up Click. Although he never released a solo album, he was still an influential member of the rap scene. Big Moe had a number of hit songs, including “Screwed Up” and “Dab.”

A prominent member of Screwed Up Click in Houston, Big Moe quickly rose to fame. DJ Screw, an underground hip-hop legend, was a frequent collaborator with Big Moe, and Big Moe laid down soulful hooks on his mix tapes. The rap artist’s career began when he signed to Wreckshop Records, and his first album, City of Syrup, was released in 2000. “Maan” is an album track featuring codeine-laced cough syrup, and it was a hit.

While Big Moe may seem like just another rapper from Houston, his personality is built for greater things. Growing up in Southeast Houston, he was part of the rap collective Screwed Up Click. His infectious personality and humor made him a hit. His music video, “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory,” is a classic example of how he grew up and got his start. It’s hard to find an artist with such a positive outlook on life.

BBY Kodie

If you’re looking for a new rap album, look no further than Houston rapper BBY Kodie. The 17-year-old Houston rapper has been releasing grimy trap bangers for the past year. With songs like ‘Run Down’ and ‘Dior,’ he’s already gathered a loyal following among Houston’s young crowd. To get a taste of his new music, check out his video for the single ‘Children.’

The Texas rapper was born June 2000 in Lake Charles, Louisiana and is of non-Hispanic race. He met Houston rapper HVN during his secondary school days. Kodie was raised by his aunt in Houston, and their musical talents are reflected in their music. He also has a love for fashion and art. This all adds up to a unique sound that is sure to impress his fans.


Four years ago, Bloodbath made waves in the underground hip hop scene of Houston, Texas. The freestyles and outrageous videos made her name known. She’s since become a prominent spokesperson for the Scoot mantra and a prominent figure in the Third Ward community. Bloodbath makes her Madd Hatta Morning Show debut in this episode, where she breaks down her reputation and discusses the gentrification in Houston’s Third Ward.

This video celebrates the release of Bloodbath’s new Blood Sample EP. The album paints an ugly picture of Houston’s hood and the struggles that come with it. On the EP’s first single, “77004,” the Houston rappers pair heavy bass and melodic piano with forceful lyrics. The album has already been viewed by millions of people on Spotify. Now, Bloodbath is reaching beyond Houston’s boundaries.

The Bloodbath group hails from Houston, Texas and are known as Only My Brothers. The moniker refers to their deeply rooted families, which make the rappers’ masculinity almost irrelevant to their followers. Their raps are conversational, but the metaphors might go over the head of unobservant listeners. Regardless, they will enjoy the Houston rap scene. In the meantime, you can download “Droupout” to get your blood flowing.

Tobacco Ryan

Tobacco Ryan, Houston rap artist, is an accomplished artist. The young artist began recording music at the age of nine. At the time, he was a film writer and photographer, seeking purpose and inspiration. In 2017, he released his debut album, “Writer,” which features a variety of hip hop tracks. His music videos display his versatile skills, ranging from a love story in the “Blackmance” video to a playful, outgoing performance in the “Extra” video.

As a young rapper, Tobacco Ryan quickly found fame after appearing in a few Houston clubs. His live performances at the warehouse live and AYVA center soon drew the attention of Houston hip-hop heavyweights. He even performed at a few big fashion shows. After his breakthrough, Tobacco Ryan branched out into acting and modeling. He is the official brand ambassador for Royal Tribe Clo and stars in the web series “Just Friends,” directed by Pierre Cohen. Tobacco Ryan also has a new album on the way, titled “A Beautiful Addiction” (due in 2016).

Maxo Kream

Born and raised in Houston, Maxo Kream began rapping as a teenager after his father was arrested and sent to prison. His older brother, dubbed Janky Ju, eventually went on to earn a college scholarship but was later arrested for aggravated robbery. At age 13, Maxo was sucked into the street life. He was arrested again for parole violations, and the Feds seized his home.

As the son of an immigrant from Nigeria, Maxo has a unique perspective on rapping. He raps about the death of his grandfather, the loss of his brother and the joy of being a father. He discusses his family and writing process in an interview with Jesse Thorn. The rap artist discusses his new album, Weight of the World. The interview takes a look at Maxo’s upbringing and influences, which are both deep and inspiring.

In his new album, “Punken,” Maxo expanded his worldview with the inclusion of hip hop legend Tyler. Tyler reached out to Maxo to collaborate with him, and they created “Big Persona.” The song has since reached over 4.5 million streams on Spotify. As his popularity continues to rise, his musical vision and sound will continue to evolve. And with more hits on the way, Maxo Kream is sure to make the Houston rap scene even more exciting.

Fat Pat

The American rapper Fat Pat was born Patrick Lamark Hawkins in Houston, Texas. He is the brother of Big Hawk Hawkins and DEA member John “Big Hawk.” The Houston rap legend was active in a number of music projects before he began to make a name for himself. The rapper was a member of the Screwed Up Click, as well. DEA members were often referred to as “Fat Pats”.

Despite his popularity, Fat Pat was tragically murdered at the age of thirty-three. His murder, which occurred in 1998, remains unsolved. His murder has led to the creation of five posthumous albums. D-Reck has continued to produce a documentary about Fat Pat, combining footage from both cliques and focusing on the artist’s life. This documentary is entitled “Fat Pat – Ghetto Dreams,” and it was released in 1999 and later re-released on DVD in 2002 as a double feature with Mann! The Movie.

Before his tragic death, Fat Pat had achieved success in the rap scene in Houston. He signed to Wreckshop Records and was popularized by DJ Screw’s mixtapes. He was murdered after collecting his appearance fee from a promoter’s apartment in 1998. Fat Pat’s death is still a shock to Houston rap fans. However, it is not impossible to imagine what would have happened to him if his album had not been released.