March 27, 2023

Horse Lords have announced their new album Comradely Objects with a video for their new song “Mess Mend.” Their first record with their new label Rvng Intl. is due out November 24. Check out “Mess Mend” below.

Comradely Objects draws its name from Imagine No Possessions, art historian Christina Kaier’s 2008 book on Russian Constructivists, who eschew the ego of capitalist art in favor of utilitarian objects. Of its relation to the new album, the band said in a statement: “The comradely object should promote collective, egalitarian ideals. They tended toward simple, unadorned forms that emphasized utility and foregrounded the material. Comradely Objects works through what this means for the material of sound, for music, for the album, and for artistic production in the 21st century.”

Horse Lords’ last LP was 2020’s The Common Task.

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Horse Lords: Comradely Objects

Horse Lords: Comradely Objects

Comradely Objects:

01 Zero Degree Machine
02 Mess Mend
03 May Brigade
04 Solidarity Avenue
05 Law of Movement
06 Rundling
07 Plain Hunt on Four


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