April 23, 2024

Hadley said Fiber is the next big thing the company is working hard to expand in the area. Fiber is a different way of transmitting internet signals from the tower to the home. “They’re super teeny, tiny fiber optic glass cables, they have to be cut, and matched up precisely, basically what that allows is for that signal to literally travel at the speed of light.”

Having fiber available to offer to consumers allows OACYS to reach more customers with a reliable and fast connection through wireless and internet services. OACYS owner Ryan Walker said supplying fiber to the area is something that will be a slow process. 

As OACYS continues to grow, the company is remodeling their field services building to accommodate all employees. Hadley said ideally the whole company will be moved in within the next two years. An additional use for the anniversary party is to let the community know the company is moving. OACYS has been in the same building, with the exception of field services, since the company opened in 1982.

“We want to take this as an opportunity to let people know, yes, we will be moving,” Hadley said. “Just to get people familiar with the idea of, we’re not always going to be where we have been for the past 40 years.”

Hadley is very excited for the next big steps the company is taking, “So we’re very honored, we’re very humbled, and we’re definitely very, very excited for the future and for being able to provide more services to more people, because it’s definitely it’s, it’s, it’s a necessity right now”

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