September 26, 2023
Google News Guest Post

Google News is an excellent way for websites to get noticed. With 6 billion clicks sent each month, this platform can significantly boost your site’s visibility and traffic. To get a Google news guest post get it from UJober. UJober is a freelance marketplace that has SEO experts ready to help you with your guest post needs.

However, in order to be included on Google News you must adhere to some strict criteria. Here are some essential points to remember:

Content Freshness

One of the most critical elements when optimizing content is freshness. Google uses it as a ranking factor when considering time-sensitive searches and trending topics.

Google increasingly values freshness when ranking sites; when assessing whether a page is pertinent, up-to-date and newsworthy, Google takes into account how quickly the information on that particular page was updated (EAT). As a result, fresher pages tend to rank better in the search results than outdated or stale ones.

To maximize the impact of your content, it’s essential to have an understanding of how this ranking factor operates. Conduct keyword research and monitor monthly trends to develop content that adheres to Google’s freshness algorithm. This way, you’ll create tailored-made material.

Another way to enhance the freshness of your content is by increasing dwell time. This metric measures how long visitors spend on each page and how many pages they view, giving your pages a higher chance of ranking in search engine results.

Regularly creating new content on your site helps maintain its freshness. Although updating every page may seem daunting at times, the effort is well worth it in the end.

It is especially crucial if you run a small business or sell products that require regular updating. For instance, an online store selling fitness equipment may need to create four or five new articles per week in order to stay abreast of industry developments.

When creating Google news guest posts, it’s essential that the content be up-to-date. Otherwise, its value could diminish quickly if its topic becomes irrelevant.

Furthermore, you should guarantee the content meets Google News’ standards. The network has established guidelines for authors and publishers which include originality, transparency, and minimal advertising content.

Google News presents a great platform for marketers who want to showcase their brand to an expansive audience. By publishing premium, high-quality guest posts on approved Google News websites, you can attract targeted traffic and generate leads for your business.

Do-Follow Backlinks

If you want to establish dofollow backlinks, one of the best places to begin is guest posting on authoritative news sites in your niche. Not only does this create content that people will read, but it also increases trust with search engines by providing them with more details about your website.

Google rewards blogs with high-quality, in-depth, detailed content. They will reward this type of posting with authoritative do-follow backlinks to help boost a website’s ranking for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes.

Google has taken a strong stance against thin, weak, spammy blog posts written solely to garner links. To be rewarded by Google with higher rankings in your niche, create rich, in-depth quality content that resonates with readers.

Another popular strategy for obtaining do-follow backlinks is creating expert roundup articles featuring prominent figures in your field. These can be beneficial to both SEO and branding as they give valuable exposure to industry experts that can help you stand out from competitors.

Searching for content relevant to your business is easy; just type in topics related to it and contact the owners via email asking if they would include a link. These backlinks can be beneficial since they typically have large audiences and high domain authority, which will boost your rankings on search engines.

Finally, you can also utilize Google Publish Center to have your content listed on Google News which will give it more credibility and boost its visibility in search engines. Once indexed on this platform, readers from around the globe will have access to it – an incredible benefit!

It is essential to remember that Google only considers links from websites they have indexed. Therefore, if you receive a dofollow backlink from a small, low-traffic website, it may take longer for PageRank to recognize it and pass PageRank onto your site.


Authorship is a crucial element for getting Google news guest posts to rank well. A rich snippet adds extra trust for readers and search engines in your name and work, potentially leading to increased traffic and engagement.

If you want to receive a Google News guest post, it is essential that you abide by their strict guidelines and produce high-quality original content. This means not primarily focusing on evergreen articles but rather providing fresh, timely material related to current events.

Publishing content that meets Google News’ Webmasters Tool guidelines is essential. This means having a sitemap and copyright page linked from your profile on Google News.

Furthermore, you should take great care to avoid paid links in your articles. Google may remove such links from content if they detect them.

Finally, avoid creating a persona or company mascot for your authorship tag. Doing so could create confusion for both readers and Google, who prefer real authors in search results.

Make sure to include your contact information with each news story, such as an email address and links to social profiles. Furthermore, including an author bio at the end of each article can provide readers with additional contact info.

Recently, Google made a change to their News guidelines that emphasizes the significance of original reporting. As such, they are rewarding news organizations who are first to cover a story with higher ranking positions and SERP features.

The new guidelines encourage news organizations to provide comprehensive coverage of topics. This means providing a variety of media outlets – breaking news, analysis, opinion pieces and profiles – in order to demonstrate the topic’s importance for readers and prove to Google that content is up-to-date.

To guarantee that your articles are written to the highest standard, it’s essential to pay close attention to the headlines. They should be captivating and include keywords relevant to your audience as well as numbers if possible.


Google News is an excellent platform for getting your news stories in front of a wide audience. It provides readers with the newest headlines from around the world and allows them to subscribe to specific providers or topics. Furthermore, this service personalizes content for users by letting them customize their feeds so that they only see what matters most to them.

Google News will only accept websites with a high level of authority. This can be measured not only through their content, but also the topic and purpose behind each page.

That is why it is critical for your website to have superior quality content on relevant topics. Not only will this help establish yourself as an authority figure and thought leader in your industry, but it will also increase the amount of clicks received by search engine bots.

Establishing your authority requires providing quality links. This can be accomplished through submissions of articles to other websites and social media accounts.

For instance, your article could be published on a blog and then linked to it in social media posts or emails. Furthermore, your piece might even be cited by an authoritative news outlet.

In addition to linking back to your site, you might also include a call-to-action in your content. This could be done in various ways such as including an offer to download your product or service within the article.

The primary purpose of including a call-to-action in your article is to pique reader interest and grab their attention. Doing this can help create an effective viral campaign that spreads quickly.

If you can, include videos in your content. Not only will this enhance engagement with your readers, but it may even help boost your ranking on Google News’ video section.

To achieve high rankings in Google News, it is essential to write original and authentic news articles. To do this, you need to be able to investigate the source of information and verify its accuracy. This can be done through search history, sitemap files or by exploring web pages.