December 3, 2022

Kindred, a new television series based on Octavia E. Butler’s chilling sci-fi novel, is coming to a silver screen near you.

In the teaser for the FX and Hulu Original, Dana (Mallori Johnson)—a young Black female writer living in 2016 Los Angeles—gets propelled through time between Maryland in the early 1800s and her present. In the opening scene, she’s seen saving a little white child’s life and nearly losing her own in the process. Throughout the eight episodes, Dana has to adjust to life as a slave until she’s able to return to her white husband and actual life—an action beyond her control.

“It felt like we were meeting a star,” Branden Jacobs-Jenkins—series showrunner, writer, and executive producer—said of Johnson to Vanity Fair. “A very unique star. No one had ever seen her before and what she’s capable of, and that felt right. That’s Octavia’s aura.”

black woman under hues of night looking over her shoulder with single tear coming from her eye

Courtesy of FX

Janicza Bravo, award-winning director of Zola, is also an executive producer for Kindred and directed the pilot.

For Johnson, Butler’s acclaimed novel became her bible while filming considering the late author shared that with her work, “I set out to make people feel history.”

The Juilliard graduate, who performs her debut leading role in the series, explained, “There was something about Dana that I loved so much. Embodying her strength, her brilliance, her cleverness, her wittiness… She was the one who really saved me throughout the show.”

All eight episodes of Kindred premiere on Dec. 13 on Hulu. Watch the teaser above.

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