December 1, 2022

All judges should be appointed not elected.

Electing judges makes the whole judicial system prone to corruption.My suggestion is to establish minimum qualifications to serve as a judge, including training and experience. The higher level of the appointment, the more training and experience required.

Judges should randomly be selected from a pool of pre-qualified candidates. Appointments should be for one set term (e.g. 10 years) with no retention or reappointment to the same position. Candidates can apply for or be recommended for the vetting process.

Hopefully this process will reduce some of the bias in the process, and judges will be able to rule on each case based on the law and the merits of the case.

Charles E. Carlson, Belmont-Cragin

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Educate yourself before voting

Most years, Americans show little enthusiasm for mid-term elections. During presidential campaigns, voters are more drawn into the process due to televised debates, conventions and rallies. However, this year Illinois citizens cannot be complacent and fail to show up at the polls. Too many of our personal freedoms are at stake this November.

A significant area that often does not draw much attention is the election of judges. Usually, the names of the judicial candidates are unfamiliar to most voters, and the public knows little of their qualifications or where they stand on important issues. This election cycle is different. Judicial candidates for the Illinois Appellateand Supreme Court have made it very clear where they stand on some very controversial and personal issues, including reproductive rights. There are seats open on both courts, and the selection of judges should be of vital importance to Illinois voters.

As the United States Supreme Court’s summer decision on Roe v. Wade has taught us, judges’ decisionscan affect our most personal and private lives.

Currently, Illinois is the Midwest island of protection for women’s control of their bodies and their most private decisions. Illinois is surrounded on all sides by states with archaic laws that deprive women of control of their reproductive health care and the right to determine what is best for themselves and their families. Let’s vote for qualified and compassionate judges who will protect the rights of Illinois citizens.

Betty Kleinberg, Deerfield

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