February 3, 2023

A wise old politician once told a cub reporter covering his first county election that all politics is local.

After watching campaigns, elections and political shenanigans for 25 years, I’ve come to the conclusion he was right.

When you look at the national picture, you have to remember that it all filters down to people heading to the polls and marking a ballot.

Yes, you can debate the merits of the national media, the two-party system and massive political machines, but I’m always impressed at how it is a man or woman quietly walking into a polling place that determines who is in charge of the greatest and most powerful country on earth.

And it is local people who team up with a particular candidate early on in a campaign that make things happen. They put signs in their yard, bend the ear of family and friends and then make sure their people get out and vote in the primaries and General Election.

It’s not a perfect system but it’s the one we’ve got.

. . .

I don’t know if you recognize it or not, but at this time next year most of the candidates who will qualify to run for county offices will have been elected.

Qualifying will begins, Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2023 and we should have the ballot pretty much filled out by mid-February.

I’ve always felt those who qualify the first day are serious about running for office. Those who wait to the last minute are either trying to determine if they have a chance of being elected, their name makes people laugh, or they are just running to collect campaign contributions.

I hope the true leaders of this community will make their decision to run early. I hope this community will begin looking around and urge the best and brightest this county has to offer to run for political office.

We need honest, principled and sincere leadership to address the problems we have. We get the leadership we elect to leadership positions. We will get the kind of government we deserve.

. . .

The winds of change are blowing across this community — and that is not a bad thing.

I am an eternal optimist and I couldn’t do this job if I didn’t think things would get better.

People are fed up with the buying and selling of power in Washington, Jackson and even Clarksdale. It will be interesting to watch the tempest whirl in the spring.

If you want change, you will have a chance to vote for it in a few short months.

If you feel we are headed in the right direction, please voting accordingly.

. . .

It takes courage, commitment and lot of blood, sweat and tears to run for political office.

The problem is getting good people to run for office.

Those with business savvy, a strong work ethic and good common sense usually have a real job making real money somewhere else.

But I’ve always felt if you are doing it for the money you are doing it for the wrong reason. I also believe if this is the best paying job you have ever had, we don’t need to vote you into office.

. . .

I said earlier that all politics is local. I also said earlier that I am an optimist.

I hope we will see this community come together and work to elect our best and brightest.

I hope that good people will always study the candidates and the issues and make the right choice.

Because if you take a hard look at Clarksdale and Coahoma County, it is the future of our town and community that is at stake.

Floyd Ingram is the Editor of your Clarksdale Press Register and proudly covers local government and politics for you every week.

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