May 30, 2024

DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Flowers Hospital delivered more than 1,400 babies last year and now they have integrated a new early warning technology for faster intervention during pregnancies.

PeriWatch Vigilance is an artificial intelligence-based system that will help doctors and nurses monitor vital signs, labor progression, fetal heart rate, and contractions.

Flowers Hospital says that they hope this new technology will help make labor and delivery safer for mothers and their babies.

“Really, using that A.I. technology to help improve our quality outcomes, to make sure that everyone knows we’re watching, we’re going to be monitoring, and we are going to be doing it concurrently throughout that patient’s labor and delivery process,” Flowers Hospital, Chief Nursing Officer, Dan Cumbie said.

The system is also used to help identify possible problems during the pregnancy in real-time, rather than having to wait for the information to be logged, but it instead alerts the nurse or doctor as needed

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