December 5, 2022

Following an accident involving a vehicle, you might not know what to do. First, it is always wise to call 911 to have first responders report to the accident scene. These first responders can help you in many ways – now and in the future. Then, you should seek a legal consultation with our Odessa personal injury  lawyers to learn about your rights. 

Seeking medical attention and other assistance following an accident should be the priority. Once you are in stable condition, find out how our Odessa Personal injury attorneys can help. 

Medical First Responders

When you report a car crash to 911, dispatchers should send emergency medical personnel to the scene. These professionals are trained to quickly evaluate your condition and determine whether you need immediate medical care. Depending on your injuries, they might recommend ambulance transportation to the hospital or advise you to take yourself to the emergency room if you have non-life-threatening injuries. 

When you seek compensation for your losses from an Uber accident, you must prove the nature and severity of your injuries. Having emergency medical technicians (EMTs) examine you at the scene creates the first record that you suffered harm from the crash. If you need an ambulance ride, it helps demonstrate the severity of your injuries. 

By calling 911 and cooperating with first responders regarding your physical health, you show that you took your injuries seriously right from the start. 

Law Enforcement Officers

911 dispatchers should also send local law enforcement agencies to the scene, whether it is a local police department or state highway patrol. Officers should help ensure everyone is safely cleared from the road and the scene is secured from other traffic. They should assess whether one or more drivers violated a traffic law, and they should issue citations or make arrests as appropriate. They should then compile a police report that indicates their impression of what happened in the crash. 

A police report can be persuasive to insurance companies if the officer gives their opinion of who caused the crash. Further, if officers made arrests or issued tickets, a conviction for a violation can serve as automatic evidence that the offending driver was negligent. 

For example:

  • Officers arrive at the scene and determine a driver is intoxicated
  • They arrest the driver, who is later convicted of driving under the influence
  • Your attorney can use this conviction as evidence of liability, and you will not need to gather or present additional evidence of negligence or fault

Having police at the scene can help your legal claim down the road.

Seek Help from a Car Accident Lawyer Today

Once you call first responders and seek medical attention after an auto accident, your next step is to consult with a trusty accident attorney. Our legal team can review what happened and determine who should be liable for your injuries and losses. This might include the driver. Contact us at Cesar Ornelas Injury Law for more information right away.  We represent clients in San Antonio, El paso, Odessa, and Hobbs, NM.