December 5, 2022

14 October 2022

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Health care accreditation and quality of care: exploring the role of accreditation and external evaluation of health  care facilities and organizations


This document gives a wide view of accreditation as a health care quality intervention by using a broad evidence base of accreditation and of other similar external evaluations, quality interventions and health systems research, combined with global interdisciplinary experience and expertise. It considers the linkages between accreditation and other key attributes of the health system and, using a health systems lens, discusses strategic questions that a health system decision-maker should consider. It does not represent normative guidance on whether or how to introduce or review accreditation or external evaluation, nor does it outline the process of setting up an accreditation body or programme.


World Health Organization

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ISBN: 9789240055230 (‎electronic version)‎ 9789240055247 (‎print version)‎

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