November 30, 2023

W. Bradford Gary

The Port of Palm Beach would be the ideal place to expand the high technology maritime sector, says a letter writer.

We should commend the Port of Palm Beach Commission for the successful establishment and expansion of the super yacht facility Berth One.

Everything I have seen in the maritime world suggests that super yachts will dominate the “new build” category of ship construction for many years to come. The port is well equipped to handle the new marine business, while other docking facilities lower in the Lake Worth Lagoon may have difficulty with large vessel length, depth and channel restrictions.

The port also has exciting opportunities for clean environment business activity. A large cruise ship operation has been retrofitted with a business model designed by Jimmy Buffett. The expanded cruise facility has the potential to provide additional revenues, but also attract cruise tourists to the other attractions of the county. Unfortunately, for many years, the port was utilized as a remote staging point and export shipping platform for heavy industrial composites. Today, our valuable county waterfront is better suited for tourism and high-technology activity — platforms for new marine technology.

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